Design lovers get ready for Living Edge – One Day Interactive Design Seminar by Cindrebay Nurture


Design lovers
There is, it may seem, a disconnect between students and those they would like to emulate. Today, any information relating to Interior Design or Architecture is readily available online and is being heartily consumed. In fact, this thirst for more information has also given birth to newer academic verticals like industrial design and visual communication. However, this dependence on technology for information has come at a cost; that of a lesser connect with academicians, industry icons, among others.  It is this disconnect that Cindrebay Nurture’s Living Edge seminar tries to address.
On July 30th, Cindrebay Nurture will hold its first ever Seminar on Design and Design Education. The Seminar will bring academicians, well-known architects, and Design influencers together and give an opportunity to up and coming designers to network and bond over a common theme; love for design.
At the Living Edge seminar, speakers, all renowned names in their respective fields will speak about their experience, inspirations, and aspirations. The Seminar will give a chance to students, parents of up and coming designers to learn from those who followed a similar path.
Understanding Design:
The Cindrebay Nurture Seminar also aims to tackle the criticism that is often leveled against Design; that of superficiality.  It proposes to explain to young designers that design not only helps in aesthetics but also enables the creation of products that are more functional and organized.
This Seminar will be beneficial for anyone with an active interest in Design, and seeks knowledge to utilize Design to improve lives. Thus, the aim of this programme is to spread design awareness and promote design education in a way that sensitizes  the public about the importance of design in their everyday lives.
The sessions have been planned in such a way so as to give ample time to the five speakers gracing the event. With each session being an hour and a half long, it is designed to accommodate a Q and A session at the end of the sessions to encourage design aspirants to ask questions and better inform themselves.
The Seminar is primarily open to the students of the disciplines; design and architect. But it is also open to parents of aspiring designers, and design enthusiasts.
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About Cindrebay Nurture:
Cindrebay Nurture aims to find and nurture talent in streams that are unconventional. An educational organization, Cindrebay Nurture’s objectives include leveraging students’ creativity and imagination, and help them identify professions of their interest, which may not be readily available in the conventional education system.
Cindrebay Nurture began its journey in 2013 with a 10 day long Space Camp, the first of its kind, in Bangalore. We brought together Astrophysicists and Astronomers, Avionics and Aeronautic experts to unfold the vast world of outer space for selected group of young students.
With Living Edge Seminar, Cindrebay Nurture is all set to make a foray into the fascinating world of Architecture and Design


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