The art of communication is what led humanity to greatness. The simple fact that we can express ourselves, paved the way for great successes and is the key for human survival. However, speech isn’t the only way we communicate, there are several factors such as expressions, gestures, body language, art and artistic expression. One such method for communication is design. Design in any form, be it architecture, paintings, graphics or user interface design is simply a form of communication. Easier and more powerful forms of communication are tools that take humanity forward. One such tool is Graphic Design. Graphic design has a rising scope as it is constantly being used and incorporated in many streams. It is all around us in many forms, reminding us that ‘Design is thinking made visual!’

Graphic Design is the process of projecting ideas, communication or expressing something visually or with textual content. It might be images, words, typography or graphics and is applicable to the smallest forms of communication like a visiting card to the biggest like advertising or election campaigns. Graphic designs are seen by millions in the form of advertising or signage or company logos, and thus have to be attractive yet understandable and moreover relatable to everyone. This seems like an easy task, as being able to express ourselves comes naturally to us, but gets tricky as it involves several factors, like choice of colors, size, relevance, style and taste. Graphic designers are hired by individual clients who may want to get a brochure designed describing their business, or by large scale companies for designing magazines or for political propaganda or even for commercial and educational purposes. Let’s take a look at some examples of Graphic Design to better understand it’s scope and relevance in our daily life!

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You may have come across such interesting graphic designs on Pinterest or Tumblr. Inventive use of colors and imagery coupled with a single or a few words conveys the entire idea.  Birthday cards, greetings, calendars, posters and invitations often use such graphic designs to promote their ideas or express views. 

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Another field in which graphic design has escalating scope is print and virtual media. Newspapers, both online and offline, magazines and books are designed by graphic designers to generate more engaging and attractive content. Magazine covers have to be aptly designed to include a lot of information, be eye-catching and legible. A lot of typography, fonts and word types are also designed by graphic designers for magazines, movies, books, and print media.

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Advertising and brand campaigns frequently use graphic design to send across information and promote their product. Innovative ways to sell a new product or package a same product in a new light is frequently undertaken by graphic designers. These advertising techniques generate millions of views and help building a brand by relating to people and maximizing customer involvement by designing graphics people would connect to and not easily forget. Simple designs for example the Google Logo, or the Apple Logo stays with one and is easily identifiable and projects a strong brand imagery.

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We see graphics and art on a lot of products these days. Be it home decor, gift items, general packaging, posters or brochures, graphic design plays a huge part in product and business design. Some home decor and gift item brands such as Chumbak, Happily Unmarried, The Wishing Chair,, The Souled Store, PropShop24, etc. rely heavily on graphic design for their merchandise like mugs, T-shirts, posters, home decor items, and even gift wrapping paper.

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Graphics, are a powerful way to convey a company’s ethic, ideals or general scope of work. It can be a play of words and visuals to summarize what the company or person is or does. Thus company logos and brochures also employ graphic designers to put forth their ideas, content, services and market themselves. Visiting cards, company profiles, websites, brochures, and other marketing devices such as coffee table books, advertising etc. are all products of graphic design.

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When talking of art and design, we simply cannot ignore architecture and interior design. Another wide example for the scope of Graphic Design is buildings and interiors. Be it signages, boards, name plates, building information, or even interior wall decals, wall hangings, murals, wall art etc. are imagined and designed by graphic designers. A lot of thought and work goes into designing these strategic sign boards, as they have to be universally understandable, create a brand identity and appeal to people of all ages and strata. Interior art, like graffiti or wall decals, even glass etching in offices and private cabins are often designed by graphic designers.

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Thus, graphic design is fast transforming from an underrated to a highly celebrated field in design. The scope for graphic designers is on the rise and they have a variety of career options to chose from. A flexible freelance career to a high paying job, graphic designers are highly sought after for their expertise in communication design and creating brand identities.

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