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Designers in any field, go through a lot of training to imbibe that thought process and to become experts in developing new ideas and deriving concepts. Thus, a lot of fields and job prospects open up for them. Designers are inherently creative people, and so they can put their minds to any venture and its going to be successful! Lets take a look at some of the career options and job prospects after pursuing fashion design!


Fashion designers need no introduction! We are all familiar with their work and idolize fashion designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Masaba etc. Bollywood has always been a key element which introduces fashion to the masses and Indians are no strangers to this ever booming market. However, if you are someone living under a rock, let me clarify that fashion designers create original clothing, footwear, jewellery, accessories etc. They sketch the designs, select fabrics, patterns and textures and style outfits and looks.
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As a fashion designer, you gain a good insight as to what clothes will work with the Indian/Western/Global fashion market. The kind of colors, silhouettes and designs which are trending, or which are predicted for the oncoming fashion season, is something fashion designers are privy to. As a retail buyer, you can start your own store, and source the best options (designer, local, self made, etc) This is a great business idea and can never go wrong in India. Ready made garments are a hit venture to try here and pretty lucrative if done right!
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A job as a retail manager in a departmental store, fashion boutique or big brands such as ZARA or Lifestyle etc. can be highly satisfactory. A retail manager is responsible for setting daily targets for the staff, ensuring that promotions and marketing gimmicks work smoothly, customer satisfaction etc. He or she also heads the human resources and finance department in smaller enterprises.
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The best job profile according to me, and also one of the toughest. As a stylist, it is your job to pick the right pieces from anyone’s wardrobe or from a designer’s collection, which would suit the client’s character, body type, the kind of occasion the dress is getting selected for. The stylist also suggests the kind of makeup, accessories, hairstyles to make the overall look a smashing success. Big time bollywood celebrities hire stylists on a regular basis for red carpet events and parties. Stylists are also in demand for creating and organizing wedding trousseau, for models, photographers, influencers, magazines etc.
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As the name suggests, they are responsible for designing 2D patterns, both repititive and unique for knit patterns, weave and printed fabrics etc. These fabrics maybe used in interiors as soft furnishing or to make clothes. Textile designers work both independently or as part of a design team in both indusrial and non industrial settings. They use CAD to develop patterns and textures and must be abreast with all the technological advancements and new innovations in fabrics and materials.
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As a fashion designer, jewellery and footwear are right up your alley. Recent trends have shown the jewelry and footwear market as independent of clothes. They are a whole new market in their own right, and thus a very lucrative design field to go into! We all know that one can never have enough shoes, and thus being a footwear designer is a never ending job scope, with the plusses of being surrounded by beautiful shoes and heels.
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Do you love shopping? Well, then this job is perfect for you! A personal shopper is hired by celebrities, brides to be and even everyday fashionistas, to help you pick the best clothes, designs, brands at the best prices. You should be an expert shopper and should be able to carve out the best deals, know the best shops, and select the most suitable brands and designs as per your client’s needs!
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Make up goes hand in hand with fashion. It is imperative to pair the right makeup with the right outfit to achieve an overall diva look. As fashion designers undergo severe grooming, styling, skincare and makeup workshops, they can opt for a career as a make up artist. These artists are different than beauticians, as they do not take up normal beauty treatment jobs. Make up artists are hired for fashion events, weddings, pre wedding photoshoots, bridal makeup, for models and celebrities. Make up artists these days also diversify as youtubers, giving out make up advice as tutorials on the internet.
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If you have the gift of the gab, or amazing writing skills, you can pursue a career in writing for a fashion magazine or become an independent fashion blogger. There are scores of fashion magazines, who are always on the lookout for fresh new talent and you can be their newest find! Fashion editors and bloggers earn a lot of money for their generated content and invaluable fashion tips and hacks. You can also deliver your ideas in the form of videos, articles or stories on your social media. Influencers on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube earn a lot based on their views, likes and subscribers. So if you think you have what it takes to become a fashion icon, you too can start your own handle.
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Yes! A lot of times, fashion designers become models and are seen wearing their own creations. Poise, personality and panache is what you need to become a model. You can become a freelance model or start working with an agency who will connect you to the best brands, designers, photographers, etc. which can land you your big break. The option of ramp model or print media modelling is also open. Needless to say, being a model is a fun and fulfilling job, with lots of perks and excitement. It is also an exhaustive job, but one with high returns!
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