LE’ORA 2018 – The Avant Garde Couture


Deep down the heart of every plain Jane is a desire to crack the mundane shell of ordinary clothing and portray an irrational trend to the world of fashion. But how often do they make the slightest effort to crack open? Sadly a very few break the stereotypes and stride forward. But Fashion is like a no-rule book that can set you free from all typecast. And it is the best tool to set off a non-violent rebellion. We gave just that, adding in oodles of creativity and originality – an opportunity for the young budding fashion designing students of Cindrebay School of Fashion and Interior Design, Trivandrum to showcase their implicit self.
Le’ora 2018 was a dive into the mélange of new desires, ambitions and dreams of young fashionistas ready to conquer the world with reflections of what they pursue. Close to an Avant Garde in Fashion, Cindrebay School of Design – Trivandrum made their infant steps strong and clear to the Fashion hub in Kerala.

The Meraki Couture

The first in the row of our collection was designed by our Fashion design student – Devika. A synthesis of what she has grown comfortable with – the traditional Kerala Handloom and the free-spirited Boho style. The collection makes for a perfect summer wear with its light weighted cotton as the body suit and the colorful Boho prints as accents make way for the cheery spirits of the sunny season.  The Meraki Couture won the award for Best Inspiration/Theme.
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The Desi Pandora

Reminiscing the famous Indian carnivals of Northern India, The Desi Pandora was designed as an ode to the Jewel in India’s crown – Rajasthan. The fabled palaces and epic forts to the colourful festivals, this explorer’s destination has it all. The collection is an Indo-western ensemble with fabric from the state of Rajasthan combined with the western Denim clothing – an explorer’s preference.  The myriad of colours against the monochromatic denims makes it a dream wear for every wanderlust soul. The collection won the designer, Rekha, the award for the Best Designer.
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An ode to Mother Nature

Nature is a perfect way to recharge one’s soul. Attractive shapes, textures, shapes and patterns are all occurrences of nature. Paying ode to the Mother Nature, five elements is an artistic collection bringing to stage the wonders of nature. From shimmering waters to burning flames, from free-flowing air to the vast beyond the designers have taken the vision of the five elements as an aspiring board for some contemporary discussion of fashion and vogue. Taking inspiration from the indefinable – the air and liquid blue- the aqua, the Aurora and Amara were designed by Abhirami and Sujith respectively. The designs were brought to life through intricate hand painted designs by the designers themselves. The bold assertions of the indestructible earth, the outer realms of space and the drama and fierceness of Fire were conveyed through the outfits – Althea, Astra and Adara designed by Asha, Leeja and Pooja respectively.
Amara and Adara won the awards for the Best Costumes of the evening.
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We also displayed a collection of outfits from designers in and around Trivandrum of which The Morrocan Affair; a compilation of self -woven fabrics creating elegant evening dresses won great appreciation among the audience and fashion-lovers.
The show was enlightened by the presence of some very celebrated names in the field of Fashion and Cinema. Sheila James, creative head and founder of Czarina Boutique, Venu Nair, an award winning short film director, Sobha Aswin, a young entrepreneur and fashion designer at Weavers Village and the distinguished management of Mount Carmel Church graced the evening with their presence and words. A live musical entertainment by Ar. Nithya Mammen was the icing to the inspiring evening.
The evening that we called Le’ora 2018 was a celebration of colours, music, vogue and trends that could embark on the creation of a palette to describe the fashion scene of tomorrow.
Citing the words the fashion icon, Coco-Chanel – “Every day is a Fashion show and the world is your runway”; so why cease the desire to capture the hearts of a zillion minds with your vogue and style.


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