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Bangalore’s cosmopolitan vibe and vivid art and culture scene resonate strongly in the city’s architecture and design front. Bold, experimental designs, fresh approach towards forms and fascinating precise details set apart interior designers in Bangalore. The intelligent play of materials, minimalist and sustainable thinking, modern contemporary touches and aesthetic fused with function are underlying features of Bangalore’s interior design discipline. Let’s take a look at the top 10 interior designers and decorators in Bangalore and some of their distinctive work!

A city famous for IT parks, pubs and vibrant retail and hospitality culture, multilevel and private housing and amazing weather, further stands out for some of the best instances of interior design in the country. Recurring names on architecture and design awards as well as magazines and design features, Bangalore’s designers are surely creating a niche in the interior design industry as well as setting benchmarks for the rest of the country.

1. Khosla Associates

Address: No 18, 17th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, A Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 008
Phone: +91 80 2527 8186

Ar Sandeep Khosla established Khosla Associates in 1995 which is now headed by him and Ar Amaresh Anand. One of the top architecture and interior design firms in Bengaluru, their work is unique which has won them over 30 national and international design awards in the past 24 years.

The_Long_House_7_Khosla Associates_Shamanth Patil J_Archdaily
The_Long_House_7_Khosla Associates_PC. Shamanth Patil J_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Featured Project

‘The Long House’ was designed by Ar Sandeep Khosla and his wife, for themselves or to lease out. The form was derived from the shape of the site and the design was kept open and fluid. Dominant elements like a sculptured brick wall, a small water body with a tree or the verandah overlooking a garden, makes this house a succession of open and semi-open spaces, a nature’s retreat, perfect for the outdoorsy weather of Bangalore.

2. Architecture Paradigm

Address: #26, 4th B cross, Koramangala Industrial Layout, off Hosur Road, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560 095
Phone: +91 80 2552 5585, +91 80 4110 5599

Architecture Paradigm is one of the most reputable design firms in Bengaluru. Headed by Manoj Ladhad, Vipul Jain and Senthil Kumar, they have churned out some of the best architecture and interior design projects in the city for which they have been recognised by several awards.

Wilson Garden House_Architecture Paradigm_Anand Jaju_Archdaily
Wilson Garden House_Architecture Paradigm_PC. Anand Jaju_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Award Winning Project

The ‘Wilson Garden’ house is designed in the backdrop of a thick wooden plantation. This setting inspired the idea of a pavilion like space, to harness the view above and form a cavity below. The living spaces are designed in this upper raised structure while the entertainment spaces are situated below, allowing both parts the luxury of the landscape view. The private spaces are on the west, with vertical fin shading to diffuse glare and introduce dynamic light and shadow patterns.

3. Hundredhands

Address: 9/2 Madras bank road, Bangalore – 560 001
Phone: +91 80 2559 3606

Bijoy Ramachandran and Sunitha Kondur lead Hundredhands, a multidisciplinary design firm, with a contemporary edge and sustainable approach. Their finesse in interiors and spatial design has been rewarded by many honorary prizes.

Brick House_Collective project_HUndred hands_Benjamin Hosking_Archdaily
Brick House_Collective project_Hundred hands_PC. Benjamin Hosking_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Competition Project

Hundredhands esteemed project, ‘Brick House’ in Bangalore has the earthy quality and revival of brick as a material, ingeniously used in a load bearing construction, with screens and levels. Preserving the raw beauty of the material and combining it with fitting elements like ample openings, white and grey interiors and beautiful seamless wooden furniture, this brick house for a family of 5, is a study in interior design.

4. Funktion Design Studio

Address: #14, 1st floor, 2nd A Cross, RMV 2nd stage, 1st Block, Bangalore – 560 094
Phone: +91 080 2351 3164

Funktion Design is an up and coming interior design firm led by Ar Madhusudhan Sridhar since 2009. The firm’s ideology is to embrace the transformation of space, contextualize with changing times, and come up with responsive designs for light-climate and stakeholders.

Funktion_Design_Office_Funktion design studio_Adarsha R_Archdaily
Funktion_Design_Office_Funktion design studio_PC. Adarsha R_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Innovative Project

Their own office in Bangalore is the amalgamation of an experimental structural design with concrete recycled wood and steel. Located in a dense residential neighbourhood, the ‘Funktion Design Studio’ sprouted amidst the surrounding context while re-evaluating the program of a design office.

5. Biome Environmental Solutions

Address: No. 15, 1st floor, 1st Main, 1st Block, BEL Layout, Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore – 560 097
Phone: +91 80 4167 2790, +91 80 2364 4690

Renowned architects Chitra Vishwanath and Vishwanath S merged with Rainwater Club headed by Ar Sharath Nayak, Avinash Krishnamurthy, Ar Anurag Tamhankar and formed Biome Environmental Solutions in 2009. Since then, they’ve been focusing on architecture and interior’s impact on the environment, on land, energy and water management as designers with social responsibility.

Residence for Charis_Biome Environmental solutions_Vivek Muthuramalingam_Archdaily
Residence for Charis_Biome Environmental solutions_PC. Vivek Muthuramalingam_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Featured Project

The ‘Charis residence’ comprises two living spaces, connected through a large internal courtyard, with the periphery spaces enjoying a lake view, while the others open to a landscaped court. Biome idolizes earth as a building material, hence the Charis House boasts of a rammed earth foundation and stabilized adobe walls. The finish and the outcome is so perfect, it’s hard to tell this was Biome Environmental Solution’s first endeavour with rammed earth.

6. Pragrup

Address: 138/1, 14th Main, 29th Cross, BSK II Stage, Bangalore – 560070
Phone: +91 80 2671 3464, +91 80 2671 5777

With a sustainable, climate driven and vernacular approach to design, Pragrup Architecture headed by Ar Kumar Ravindra has contributed to architecture, interior design and even furniture design across India. The firm believes in channeling the location and culture as well as the local skills and knowledge of their team, clients and communities to arrive at a design.

Bapagrama Stone House_Pragrup
Bapagrama Stone House_Pragrup_PC. Courtesy of Pragrup_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Featured Project

The ‘Bapagrama Stone House’ clearly resonates with the firm’s ideals of being a vernacular design, open planned with a central courtyard, using thatch roof, recycled timber and red oxide flooring – all typical elements of traditional Indian architecture.

7. Cadence Architects

Address: #45 , 1st Floor – K.K Complex, Shankarmutt Road, Shankarpuram, Bangalore – 560 004
Phone: +91 80 2242 0007

Cadence Architects started as a collaborative design practice led by architects Narendra Pirgal, Vikram Rajashekar and Smaran Mallesh in 2005. Their modern take on spaces, bold forms and structures which created a unique identity led them to fame and won them coveted awards like IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers) Anchor Awards or Young Architects Award.

Navyas_Cadence Architects_PC. Courtesy of Cadence_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Featured Project

‘Navyas’, a wellness and yoga centre in the heart of Bangalore, was designed as an answer to the peculiar and busy site. The design is almost wrapped around an existing tree. The facade is punctured with ferro-concrete jalis, a modern take on the Indian screens used to diffuse sunlight as well as add an interesting light and shadow feature indoors. Medicinal plants are planted near the screens to add greens and create a soothing ambience indoors.

8. M9 Design Studio

Address: 124, Chord Rd, Yesvantpur Industrial Suburb, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560 010
Phone: +91 80 2337 7112

Ar Nischal Abhaykumar founded M9 Studio, readopting an unused attic space in an industrial suburb of Bangalore. Their statement creating interior designs and balance between form- function- aesthetic makes them one of the most sought after designers in the city.

SunriseGarden restaurant_M9 Design Studio_Samanth Patil_Archdaily
Sunrise Garden restaurant_M9  Design Studio_PC. Samanth Patil_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Featured Project

The ‘Sunrise Garden Restaurant’ has it all – open, semi-open and covered spaces, warm yellow lighting, steel framing and wooden furniture. The wire mesh and metal chairs compliment the contemporary look of the space. The greens and landscape become the main feature of the design.

9. Mindspace Architects

Address: 3, Kalpana Chawla Road, R.M.V 2nd Stage, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore – 560 094
Phone: +91 80 2351 5501

Ar Sanjay Mohe, one the most reputed designers in the country. Mindspace Architects was started by him with Ar Vasuki Prakash and Suryanarayanan in 2004. Since then, Ar Sanjay Mohe has gathered international acclaim for his work, spanning architecture, planning, interiors and spatial design.

Park Side retirement homes_Mindspace architects_PHX India_Archdaily
Park Side retirement homes_Mindspace architects_PC. PHX India_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Distinctive Project

One of the most distinctive and socially important projects is the ‘Park Side retirement homes’ in Bangalore. This community housing project is a subtle intervention in improving the lives of the elderly, making them more colorful and connected. The foyer and central court comes alive with light and shadow owing to the simple punctures in the wall, making it a dynamic living experience for the users.

10. Kamat and Rozario Architecture

Address: No 16/1, Balaji Layout, Cooke Town, Bangalore – 560 084
Phone: +91 80 40931455, +91 9886266464

Architects Shruthi Kamat and Lester Rozario spearheaded Kamat and Rozario Architecture in 2007. They follow no fixed formula and don’t stick to a particular style in their design. Open to experimentation and delving in all forms of architecture and interior design typologies. Kamat and Rozario received several acclamation’s for their work.

Corbel House_Kamat and Rozario Architecture_PC. Nivedita_Retrieved from Archdaily
Corbel House_Kamat and Rozario Architecture_PC. Niveditaa Gupta_Retrieved from: Archdaily

Award Winning Project

The ‘Corbel House’ is fashioned entirely out of brick, with inventive use in creating punctures and patterns with the material. The interiors are eclectic, inspired from Kerala palaces and motifs, a free flowing space with simple eye catching details.

Interior Design in Bangalore is becoming more and more artistic, aesthetic and sustainable. Designers in the city aren’t afraid to challenge norms and be inventive. Bangalore interiors are a class apart because of their unabashed use of materials, unique forms, minute details and attractive vibe. The top 10 interior design firms in the city leave no stone un-turned in each project, with bespoke furniture, use of outdoor and indoor landscape, traditional and futuristic motifs and amazing styling. The interior design arena in Bangalore, sure looks promising!


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