We see facebook updates and instagram posts and quotes about how everyone should follow their dream, pursue their ambition, do something with passion. But why? Why is passion important? Isn’t working and earning enough? Isn’t being rich and being able to pay your bills ok? What is the big deal about passion? Why is it an integral part of life?
When we are little, we are encouraged to join sports, learn to play the keyboard, take a painting class, sing, dance and read. But as we grow older, we see a major mentality shift. The passions we cultivate over the years, eventually get overshadowed by the burden of studying, and they start seeming unimportant. We are brainfed by society, that cricket, kiteflying, photography are unnecessary pursuits, and those who motivate us to follow these, are bad influences. Particularly in India, choosing a career is governed by society’s orthodox mentality of “settling down” in a 9-5 job. Parallel careers like DJing, Standup comedy, etc. are looked down upon somehow.
It’s time that we change this mindset. Life is nothing without passions and there is no other success formula to winning life, other than doing what you love, and loving what you do! Today, let’s leave the routine aside, and open our hearts to passions and dreams, let’s talk about why passion drives our lives and how to cultivate it!


Amongst so many activities you perform in a day, what is it that you look forward to doing the most? What is that one part in a day when you forget everything else, and immerse yourself in a skill which drives you, makes you happy. This activity should be engaging and transformative enough to change your mood. It can be cooking, writing, designing, creative DIYs, anything.
A passion is not necessarily something you already know. You can choose to take up something which you know will excite you and make life more interesting. Taking up a summer sport class, long drives, nature trailing, travelling and the list goes on. Give yourself the freedom to pick anything that interests you and proactively follow it through. Chalk out enough time in a day to be able to dedicate atleast an hour or two, doing something you love.


It is never too late to learn anything and we should open up our life to newness. Without passion, life will become extremely bland and boring, which can generate negative feelings about everything around us. With so many colleges and institutes, there is no dearth of education, only of those who are willing to learn. Figure out what your passion is, where your skills lie, and work on them, until you are good. Be it strumming a guitar, or knitting, no passion is big or small, and in today’s  world, anything you’re good at can be made a profession.
Develop your expertise in your chosen activity, join a class, practice, volunteer, or just coach yourself. Find out everything there is know about your passion, and train yourself accordingly. Dedicate enough time to it, and practice religiously. The trick is to become your own competition. Passion, as many dont know, is not for social media, or to brag. It is for one’s own satisfaction and happiness. Set your priorities straight and do not let negative energy get in the way of you following your heart’s desire.


Sometimes, when we let negative people enter our life, their problems start becoming our own. Distance yourself from people who indulge in constant bickering, petty fights and pulling others down. Meet new people, add some positive vibes to your life and befriend people who motivate you to follow your dreams. Your goal might be fitness, travelling the world, food, modelling, interior designing, fashion etc. and you need to surround yourself with people who are willing to support you in your aim and shun those who want you to fail.


Discipline is crucial and incorporating some in daily life is always a good idea. Work with dates, and set a deadline to avoid procrastinating. Say you’ve been meaning to join a book club. Put a date on it, that you’re comfortable with, and then wholeheartedly work towards achieving your target. You can reward yourself from time to time, if you complete your  set tasks. The point is, to become your own motivator. Getting fitter, learning languages, writing an article are all tasks which should ideally be self motivated in order to get the best outputs.


I’m not going to list the extensive number of examples of people who have dropped out of a formal education, and still made it big in life. It’s been done infinite times! Instead, I urge you to ask yourself the following questions:
a. Is my current education truly my calling?
b. Can I do what I’m doing for the rest of my life?
c. Am I happy?
d. Does my talent lie somewhere else? Can I do that better than what I’m doing now?
e. Does my passion enrich my life and others?
f. Am I strong enough to do something about it?
If you answered the first three negatively, and the last three positively, then it’s time to make a life changing decision of making your passion your profession. It’s really not as difficult as people make it out to be. Start small, and take each day as it comes. Keep at it, and if you’re good enough at what you’ve undertaken, nothing can stop you. Never believe in fast cash or instant fame, because it even takes ages to become an overnight success!
Take a short course to get you started, if you need it, like acting lessons, or a small design course, to give you a confidence boost and which might also help you to meet the right people and see where you stand amongst others. Never underestimate yourself and your capabilities. Your passion is your calling, and it is never too late to hear it’s voice!
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