What is media & mass communication studies?

In the most simple definition, media & mass communication studies encompasses the specialization in creating, sending, receiving, and analyzing messages and information to a large-scale audience, through either written or verbal communication. 

Also referred to as journalism or broadcast journalism or journalism studies, media & mass communication is gaining huge momentum in the current day and age owing to the following reasons:

  1. Heavy internet penetration among Indian & global demography 
  2. Increased usage of smartphones 
  3. Surge in the use of Social media and other digital platforms
  4. Substantial increase in data/information consumption among people
  5. Rise of the OTT platforms
Mass media course in India

Anything and everything that deals with information broadcast over popular media such as the radio, print, TV, and the internet is a part of media and mass communications. This means a student studying media & mass communication OR journalism & mass communication (or any related discipline) will be gaining specialization in a wide range of domains including – 

  1. Strategic communications
  2. Political communications
  3. Health communications
  4. Marketing/ Marketing communications
  5. Journalism 

Media, journalism, & mass communication professionals are trained to utilize their knowledge of rhetorical principles, critical thinking, & the ability to develop/strategize communications over a diverse range of platforms to share and promote effective messages targeting large audiences.

What is the scope of media & mass communication in India?

Media & entertainment is one of the fastest growing industries, not only in India, but in the world. As per latest reports, this industry is expected to touch the $ 2000 billion+ mark in the FY 2022-23, employing roughly 5.5- 6 million people in India alone. What does this mean for media & mass communication students in India?

Journalism scope in India
  1. Rise of new roles/hybrid professional roles such as public relations specialists, journalists, broadcast professionals, advertisers and marketers, content writers, graphic designers and illustrators, public health educators, corporate media managers, and many more!
  2. The demand for communications specialists is not just related to the media and entertainment industry. Practically every brand, company, and organization needs a solid foundation of communication specialists and strategists to create robust communication channels with their clients, targeted audience, and even the global population.
  3. The rise of social media has democratized information. Meaning every individual out there with access to the internet has the power and ability to broadcast information – be it news or entertainment or marketing campaigns, to potentially millions of people with just a click of a button.
  4. The onset of pandemic and Covid-19 crisis has led to an increased demand for digital transformation of almost every industry & platform. With everything going touchless and available on the internet via a screen – vaccination drives to shopping to virtual tourism, there is a steep rise in the requirement of professionals who are adept at handling information/communication channels spread across geographies, nationalities, age groups, and social classes. 
  5. A sneak peek into the kind of job options available to journalism/mass communications/mass media professionals gives us a comprehensive look of the versatile & flexible nature of opportunities waiting for these students. From marketing to news to film making to journalism to advertising, healthcare, non-profits, government organizations, financial institutions, broadcast media, & even foreign services to name a few – such is the wide spectrum of career opportunities available for the students.

What are the key benefits of a career in media & mass communication?

Now that you have a better understanding of the limitless possibilities & opportunities in a career within the media & mass communications/journalism industry, let’s dive deeper into the other key advantages of building a career in this exciting field.

journalism scope in India
  1. A job replete with adventure & exposure 

If you are someone who wants to build a career outside the monotonous 9-to-5 routine with negligible to zero adventure factor, a career in journalism & mass communications is the perfect place for you to start. Not only does this field allow you to travel to new places, meet new people, engage in newer cultures, but it also gives you a wholly new perspective on the world, the people, current socio-economic-political paradigms prevalent, paving the way for a rich, more satisfying job life.

  1. Flexibility & multiple career options 

Unlike many other technical & specialization fields, journalism/mass media/mass communication doesn’t restrict your career options upon graduation. The strong communication skills along with the critical thinking, researching, analyzing, creative problem solving, and management skills which are a part of this career path are much needed in a colossal range of professional roles. Be it ad agencies or PR firms or news channels or OTT platforms, or as a communications expert for literally any organization in the world – there is no dearth of places to kickstart your career from.

  1. Great blend of right & left brain thinking 

Experts believe that the right part of the human brain is responsible for imaginative, creative, & abstract thinking whereas the left is the more analytical, rational, and logical part. While the previous centuries have been dictated mostly by left-brainers (technical specialists, scientists, inventors, bankers, programmers, etc), today is the age of the right-brain thinkers. A career in mass communication/media/journalism however equips you with an edge in both the types of thinking. From the hardcore critical skills of the left-brained you to the fun, creative, & visual thinker right-brained you, this field exposes you to the best of the both worlds.

Mass media course after 12th
  1. No prior experience, no problem 

Communication is a key human attribute and one of the most vital elements of our civilization & society. Anyone with the right mindset & aptitude can be trained in this field to grow & succeed. There are no rigid requirements to enter this field. Anyone and everyone who is interested in the many diverse disciplines under this domain can gain the right training, education, & experience to build an enviable career. From sports to branding to healthcare to news channel anchors to even film makers, the path to a flourishing & exciting career begins from here. Gone are the days when your math or coding skills only would guarantee success within the Indian professional ecosystem. 

  1. Rewarding professional life 

The ability to create winning strategies is a powerful professional skill, one that can not only land you your dream job but also open avenues for unprecedented growth. Be it a marketing communications strategist or a social media strategist – the skills and knowledge you acquire in this field are bound to exponentially increase your earning potentials while also adding value to your career graph. Not to mention, professionals in this field tend to be more well-read, well-travelled, with a very rich & rewarding social life. 

mass media best colleges india
  1. Making an impact 

A few years back the power to connect with the masses and speak to millions of people was reserved only for the famous – political leaders or film stars or sportsmen. Today that power has trickled down to each one of us. This immense power comes with an even greater responsibility. The ability to use your voice to help those in need, to speak for those who don’t have a voice/resources, and to create a positive impact in the society – this power can be yours if you want to. The rise of mass communication channels have resulted in dramatic improvements in our society as a whole, giving power back to the people and opening gates to true democracy. We live in a world where a hashtag can bring down governments, an ad can start a revolution, a news piece can turn our focus to the most burning and untold stories. If you are someone who truly wants to, in your own way, create ripples of positive change, no other field would guarantee this more than mass communication/media/journalism. 

How can you build a career in Mass media/mass communications/journalism?

To get started in this field, you can start applying for colleges and universities that offer a bachelors/masters degree in this field.

Mass media course in bangalore

For students in India who want to pursue mass media/communications & journalism after 12th, the following guidelines are important:

  1. After your 12th, you can apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media & Communication or Mass Media & Journalism Or Mass Communications & Journalism (the course can also be referred to as broadcast journalism with more related subjects included) to the various accredited/affiliated universities in India.
  2. Bachelor’s degree programs in mass communication often comprise core courses on topics within this field such as mass communication theory, history, mass media writing, editing and publishing for mass audiences, and media law and ethics, as well as electives in specific areas of mass communication, such as writing and research for journalists, public relations writing, digital advertising, video production, television broadcasting, and documentary production, & even filmmaking.
  3. You can always choose from a wide variety of electives offered by your university to build a stronger grasp on these subjects. You can also opt for diploma courses or other formats of certified-learning courses that will guarantee you an edge over others.
  4. Moving ahead in this field, you will also have an option to pick a Master’s degree in the field where you further want to grow & pick as your niche. A strong background with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication/media/journalism studies coupled with an added Master’s degree in a related discipline is a winning combination for anyone who wants to thrive in this flourishing industry.

Mass communications & Media, Journalism studies in a nutshell 

The aspiration of building a strong career graph communicating with millions and triggering real change within the society is no longer a far-fetched dream. With a degree in mass communication, media, & journalism studies you will be armed with the right mix of professional skills, qualifications, and aptitude to make it big in this digital information-dominated world. 

Are you excited to begin your journey in this field?

We are here to help you- right from choosing the right career path to the best courses & universities & even scholarships. Just drop in a simple query here, and our expert counsellors will get in touch with you, with answers to all your questions. 


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