Visual Communications – Introducing a holistic approach to mass communication, media, journalism studies, & filmmaking


Introducing the new Visual Communications course

Cindrebay is proud to announce a new course, B.A. in Visual Communication, a refreshing new courseware that combines the best of journalism studies with an added bonus of film making & media studies. This is a golden opportunity for students to make the most of this hybrid course that lies at the intersection of film studies, media technology and cutting edge journalism – a perfect blend of learning that is the current need of the hour with news channels, online news, & OTT channels witnessing an unprecedented increase in demand.

Why is visual communications studies the right choice for you?

Our innovative approach towards mass communication, broadcast journalism, & media studies is the perfect place to build one’s career. Here are the top reasons why:

Say goodbye to a monotonous 9-to-5 job with zero flexibility and travelling options. A degree in visual communications gives you the opportunity to explore the exciting and fast-expanding field of mass communication, media, & journalism studies that open vistas to limitless possibilities.

A career that is more than just a paycheck every month – with a strong grasp on visual communications domain you can work as marketing to news to film making to journalism to advertising, healthcare, non-profits, government organizations, financial institutions, broadcast media, & even foreign services to name a few – making a real difference in the society.

This field will enable you to meet, collaborate, and work alongside a diverse group of professionals – entrepreneurs, business magnets, entertainment biggies, sport stars, renowned journalists, policymakers, & creatives such as advertisers, film makers, so on and so forth.

With the power to communicate with millions, you get the rare opportunity to become a real changemaker, someone who can not only make an impact through powerful storytelling but also uphold the ethos of a democratic ecosystem. 

What is the scope in visual communications? 

The Visual communications course designed by Cindrebay School of Design aims to bring together the best of mass communication & journalism studies and create a powerful amalgamation of these with film making. 

A refreshing new hybrid course created to suit the rapidly changing needs of the media & entertainment industry, that leverages the power of social media & relevant creative expertise to provide a wholesome, robust preparation to the students to take on the challenges of a digital-first world. 

Ours is an information-driven age – gigabytes of data reaching us every second everyday in the form of news, social media, entertainment, & more. Communication is the key to anything and everything in this day and age – be it reporting the news or creating communication strategy for businesses or even making films.

Human beings are visual creatures. We like images- static or moving imagery constitutes 90% of our memory and this is the space where brands, people, governments, etc want to tell and retain their stories. Visual communications expertise facilitates students to gain specialization in this growing field where they can channel their creativity to explore, create, and build effective communication channels, with a touch of specialization in film making (a highly impactful channel of storytelling). 

What are the key benefits for choosing the visual communications course by Cindrebay School of Design?

Deep Expertise 

Courseware built to tap the creative potential of students through industry-relevant subjects & a multitude of exercises & demonstrations, aimed at enhancing razor-sharp acumen and in-depth knowledge within this domain.

Wide-ranging subjects 

From psychology to literature to cinema to aesthetics, our holistic courseware brings the best of science, language, culture, art, history, & more to ensure a well-rounded education to the students in this field.

Global learning 

Our robust courseware boasts of power-packed subjects clubbed together up to provide students global exposure to journalism, media and film studies, turning them future-ready with a unique competitive edge.

Scientific approach 

Carefully curated subjects, research-led pedagogy, & a purely scientific approach to media, journalism, & film making that aims to expose the students to the technical know-how of this creative field of study while also fostering critical thinking skills.


Empowering students with skills, knowledge, and acumen much sought-after in the current  digitized landscape where every bit of information – from news to entertainment to education can be unlocked with the tap of a button and thus visual communications play a critical role in our lives. 


 A never-seen-before powerful amalgamation of subjects that takes into account the changing landscape of information spread in this day and age, through expertise in social media, news reporting, & OTT platforms, that are especially gaining traction in a digital-first world. 

The key course outcomes you can expect 

A degree in visual communication by Cindrebay makes you industry-fit with a global flair and deep expertise in the following skillsets – 

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  • Film Making & Cinema
  • Screenwriting
  • Video Editing
  • Visual News Writing & Production
  • Electronic Journalism/ News Reporting / Anchoring
  • Photojournalism
  • News Features Production
  • Social Media & New Media
  • Studio/Programme Camera
  • Television / Web Scripting
  • Cinema Scripting
  • Documentary Production

About Cindrebay School of Design

Cindrebay School of Design comes with a legacy of 15+ years in catering quality design education across multiple domains, a choice of more than 13,000 students till date as the centre of learning. A school that promises and delivers on best-in-industry courseware replete with state-of-the-art software and design labs, diversified learning environment, rewarding placements, and even expert entrepreneurship guidance.


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