Visualizing 2024: The Anticipated Graphic Design Trends

Figure 1: Graphic Design Trends [Source: theleojohn]
Figure 1: Graphic Design Trends [Source: theleojohn]

In the current era, technology and market demands undergo swift transformations, prompting graphic design to continually adapt and stay abreast of the pace of change. Graphic design, far from being static, not only captivates viewers but also serves as a catalyst in reshaping our fundamental perceptions of design. It stands as a lighthouse, illuminating the path for both consumers and designers as they navigate through these visually immersive encounters.

The dynamic sphere of graphic design is an exhilarating space to explore, regardless of whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned expert. This article serves as a guide, diving into the visual movements that define contemporary design, while also offering a comprehensive exploration of the anticipated trends set to unfold in 2024.

Trend 01 – Neomorphism

Neomorphism is a form of minimalism design characterized by a soft look with low contrast colours.

It is a technique that gives shapes and typographies a subtle shadow without using an edge style, making them appear three-dimensional and lifelike. One way to create a modern and organized visual appeal is through this trend. 


  1. User Interface Design: Utilizing this trend, user interface designers may produce user experiences that are clear and educational. 
  2. Web Design: It can also be used to enhance the visual appeal and depth of websites.

Trend 02 – Rise of Augmented Reality [AR]

Given its recent growth, augmented reality is expected to play a significant role in 2024. AR gives traditional design trends a dynamic and life-like character. It enables the creation of immersive, interactive, and user-engaging design idea presentations. 


  1. Advertising: Posters that come to life and display videos, as well as other interactive experiences, can be created with augmented reality (AR).
  2. Visualization of Design: Clients and users can visualize any design, including interior decor, architecture, and landscapes, to improve communication with designers and make modifications in real-time.

Trend 03 – GIFs and Motion Marketing

Simple Posters and Brand Image are using animated GIFs to transform their designs. This design movement goes far beyond animated GIFs and explores brand image representation through motion graphic 3D storytelling as well as logo animations. 

The pattern is not merely seen on phones or websites; it is also widely visible in locations like eateries, metro stations, billboards, and even randomly placed spaces on streets throughout the city. 

Figure 4: Mascot for company's marketing [Source: jukebox]
Figure 4: Mascot for company’s marketing [Source: jukebox]


  1. Marketing: Designers can use motion graphics to combine several trends and provide depth to their brand image. 
  2. Enhanced Personalization and Creativity: Designers may improve the overall creative element of your brand by employing motion graphics to offer it a deeper meaning. 

Trend 04 – 3D Realism

In 2024, we will see a rise in the use of 3D realism. Designers can generate breath-taking images that enhance the realism and engagement of their designs with the aid of 3D realism. 

To generate appealing visuals, designers might employ techniques such as depth mapping, characters, and environments. To make dynamic designs, designers might also incorporate a mix of 2D and 3D features. 

Figure 5: Google Stickers for Promotion [Source: Behance]
Figure 5: Google Stickers for Promotion [Source: Behance]


  1. Immersive Experience: Combining augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D realistic characters can create a new dimension to the user experience.
  2. Ease of Prototyping: Creating 3D models of products and design, can facilitate better visualization during the design process and helps with prototyping.

Trend 05 – Eco-Conscious Design

Design industries like food, drinks, cosmetics, medicine etc. can benefit a lot from nature-driven design. In 2024, eco-friendly packaging and natural hues will play a significant role in bringing a strong link to nature into design. 

This strategy will aid in enticing customers and establishing a link between their product and the tranquillity of nature. 

Figure 6: Innovation in Packaging [Source: Jukebox]
Figure 6: Innovation in Packaging [Source: Jukebox]



  1. Natural Colour Theme: Using earthy colour tones and earthy elements like leaves, flowers etc. will improve the packaging’s appearance. 
  2. Recycled Texture: Designers are recreating the appearance of jute, woven bamboo, or crumbled paper. These textures on packaging can reflect a lot of the brand’s goals and can make them stand out in the marketplace.

Trend 06 – 90s Retro Aesthetics

The 90s Retro and vintage aesthetics are a trend that will gain popularity in 2024 due to a boom in nostalgia. This trend combines aspects from the 1990s, which are distinguished by grunge, anti-design, strong and vibrant colours, and vintage fonts.

Figure 7: Revamped Label [Source: dribble]
Figure 7: Revamped Label [Source: dribble]


  1. Identity: By utilising this trend, brands can establish a classic and retro identity in the marketplace.
  2. Mixing Eras: Combination of 90s and 20s design elements and creating a unique and visually appealing design that captures the essence of retro.

Trend 07 – Hand-drawn illustration

Illustrations, line art, as well as impromptu illustrations can give brands a touch of human personality. Doodles are frequently used by designers as a prompt to produce imaginative and lively designs. 

Another popular trend for 2024 is retro line art with bright colours that use fewer colours overall in the composition. This method adds the designer’s signature and inspires more feelings and authenticity in the design. 

Figure 8: Brand Revamped [Source: printmag]
Figure 8: Brand Revamped [Source: printmag]


  1. Children’s Book: Utilizing this trend, designers can create a playful illustration that depicts meaningful stories.
  2. Marketing: Animated doodles and mixed media art can help brands to stand out in the marketplace.

Trend 08 – The Timeless Minimalism

Due to its simplicity and elegance, minimalistic design has long been a favourite among many designers. In 2024, minimalist design will take a new turn, including delicate typography, muted pastels, and neutral shades. This strategy will improve user engagement by highlighting the key components softly and avoiding overpowering images.

Figure 9: Brand Poster with Bold Minimalism [Source: venngage]
Figure 9: Brand Poster with Bold Minimalism [Source: venngage]


  1. Impactful Design: The approach will be to focus on the important content and get right to the point, bringing the viewer in with basic elements.
  2. Ideal Packaging: The product will stand out on the shelf and draw attention from customers if it incorporates minimal typography and design components with natural-looking textures.

It is anticipated that 2024 will bring forth a revolutionary journey through advanced digital innovation in graphic design.

Designers will be able to entice consumers with visually stunning designs. However, the key lies in their ability to not just understand but wholeheartedly embrace these emerging trends, setting the stage for impactful and forward-thinking graphics.


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