Do you dream of becoming a successful professional? Do you dread 9-5 jobs? Are you a creative individual? Do you observe things around you in great detail? Most importantly, do you want to be your own boss?!? Well, then look no further, as we have just the right course and training for you at Cindrebay School of Fashion and Interior Design, the best design school spread across several branches all over India. Confused about what really does the job profile of an interior designer include? Let’s look at 10 career options after becoming an interior designer!

1. Start your own Interior Design Firm:

There’s a huge scope in India, for interior designers these days as people keep revamping and renovating their homes, offices etc. every 5-6 years. New spaces such as restaurants, schools, new houses etc. also need the magic touch of an interior designer and awareness about this is spreading in India. Running your own interior design practice means being surrounded with creativity, choices, working flexibly at your own pace,  earning a lot and being your own boss. It is also a very fulfilling job, when you see your design taking shape and being molded into reality!

2. Working in a Design Firm:

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An architecture or interior design office is one of the best places to work at. Everyday is a new challenge and there is no drudgery or dullness at work. Design is a team effort and thus it isn’t a cubicle job. The atmosphere at a design office is infectious and charged up as the space itself is so attractive and you are surrounded by smart, creative and talented people. There is a lot of hard work and perseverance required, but when you see a certain space come out amazing, it is all worth it!

3. Furniture Designer / Furniture Boutique:

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Furniture in itself is a vast field! Being an interior designer, you shall gain knowledge about the intricacies and fine nuances of furniture. You can use that knowledge to become a furniture designer or start your own boutique. Nothing gives more joy than helping to make somebody’s house, their home. It is also a very lucrative business with a lot of scope to design and have fun.

4. Product Designer / Product Showroom:

Curating fine artistic pieces and artefacts to complete a space is the job of an interior designer. We have a fine eye for detail, and the vision of what will look good where. Interior designers also have in depth knowledge about a lot of materials and how to work with them. Thus, they can become successful product designers, over a wide range of commodities such as lights, home decor, rugs, curtains, furnishing, gift articles, artefacts and showpieces, clocks and so on.

5. User Experience Designer / Graphic Designer:

God knows, we need good advertisements, hoardings, and graphic design. Interior designers learn a lot about visual design and presentation. The ideas put forth to a client have to look attractive and convincing. We also learn a lot of softwares such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Indesign, Sketchup, Autocad, V-ray, 3DsMax etc. Designing our own sheets and using these softwares gives us a fair idea of graphic designing and a lot of interior designers take it up as their vocation. Graphic design is a colorful, interesting, fun and highly profitable profession. Some, also foray into web designing and user experience designing.

6. Interior Elements Business:

There are a lot of elements involved in the interiors of a space. Flooring, ceiling, electrical, plumbing, paints, paneling and so on. Gaining knowledge about all these aspects, makes you an expert in every element. A lot of interior designers foray into business using this knowledge about specific interior elements. Hardware, timber, plywood, fixtures, ornaments, soft furnishing, modular kitchens, modular furniture etc. are some of the elements which guarantee a fascinating career as well fat profits.

7. Set Design / Temporary Interior Design:

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The demand for innovative and attractive stage designs, for various events, award shows, parties, weddings etc. is huge. Interior designers have the opportunity to become stage or set designers for movies, TV series, events, concerts etc. A lot of expos and exhibitions are also organized in various cities on a regular basis. People also need interior designers to design engaging stalls and temporary installations for them. As these temporary installations are taken down in a few days, there is a constant demand for designers for the next event.

8. Artist / Blogger / Photographer:

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On gaining knowledge in design, art and graphics, a lot of talented interior designers, who have a knack for all things artsy, get a lot of offers for graffiti, wall art, paintings, hand painted articles, etc. If you have a talent in writing, you can also try blogging or creative content writing, like me, for interiors, architecture and all things design! Designers are also taught photography, framing, lighting and angles. Photography is also a viable and interesting vocation to pursue after studying interior design.

9. Portfolio Designer / Model Maker:

All design professionals such as architects, interior designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, photographers etc. need their portfolios to showcase their work. They can make their own portfolio or hire graphic designers to design it for them. Even students approach senior designers to help them design their portfolio. Architecture and interior model making is also a very artsy and fascinating work, which allows you to be crafty, and pays you well with flexible work hours!

10. Teach Design:

Developing design thinking and encouraging students to be creative, generate ideas and give them technical knowledge is a highly fulfilling, holistic and satisfying career option. Inspiring a bunch of students to think out of the box, and triggering the design gene in them to produce talented designers is part of the job profile. Design is not something which you can learn from a textbook, and that makes this job very challenging and enjoyable.
Interior Design is one of the best courses to pursue for creative, out of the box thinkers. An aptitude for art, design and decor is a prerequisite. The ability to challenge yourself and come up with new ideas and concepts is a must. So if you think, you have what it takes to become an interior designer and you want a range of career choices for yourself, choose design, choose Cindrebay today!


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