Best Holi Looks


The festival of colors is upon us and just in time! The weather’s getting hot and the atmosphere is charged with energy, and it’s the perfect time to let your hair down and indulge yourself completely in the festival of joy! However, every festival brings with itself a dilemma of what to wear? With everyone clicking selfies left, right and centre, picking the right look is a must to get some awesome pictures with your BFFs. So, here’s a specially curated lookbook, for all Holi lovers out there! Weather you’re planning to get drenched in colors, or weather you’re to stay away from them, either ways, these looks are guaranteed to grab eyeballs in the crowd! Let’s see some of the Best Holi Looks.


Its not necessary to wear old, retired clothes which don’t fit on Holi. Agreed that clothes do get dirty after the festival, but if we take it in the right spirit, we can still show up in something good. White is the best color to don on Holi as it enhances all the other colors in the air. Wearing something comfortable is advisable to fill you up with confidence while enjoying. A simple white tee with jeans, denim shorts and top, a t-shirt dress, off shoulder tops with pants/denims, white shirt and jeans are some of the most casual yet chic options. What’s more, these items are generally found in every girl’s wardrobe, and if destroyed you can always get another one without spending too much.


Nothing spells comfort more than a simple white kurti and leggings. Experiment with different cuts, like asymmetrical kurtis, low-high kurtis, pants, salwars, leggings, flair pants, culottes, dhoti pants, harem pants etc. You can either chose to go both pieces white, or top white with colorful bottoms or vice versa; it all depends on which piece you are willing to sacrifice. Don’t forget to drape a sheer or cotton dupatta for an ethereal desi girl look, with silver jhumkas and kadas.


If you’re going to a sophisticated office party, or planning to sit this holi out, or just playing with water, the following items are perfect for you. Introduce colorful prints like Aztec, stripes, floral or bohemian prints. Solid color dresses with accessories such as bandana, scarves or chunky jewelry is also a good option.


  • Don’t forget to put lots of oil in your hair to make it easier to lose the holi colors later and prevent damage to your hair. Ideally secure your hair in a braid, or a top bun or a bandana to keep them from getting messy.
  • DO NOT play with chemical colors, use organic gulaal instead to protect your skin, hair and eyes.
  • Wear good support undergarments to save yourself from embarrassment. Also take care to wear/buy good quality clothes as the water causes some to turn transparent which is definitely not a good look.

Enjoy the splash of colors while looking like a diva with the above fashion choices. You can find all these pieces on,, and on good prices and awesome deals with decent quality. HAPPY HOLI to all our readers, viewers and patrons! Indulge in a safe and fun Holi!


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