Diploma in Fashion Design and Apparel Merchandising


The colourful and vibrant world of fashion has always been an attractive career option for many a young Indian.  Today, India is increasingly making its presence felt in fashion meccas like Milan and Paris, and there is a growing aspiration among youngsters to be part of that growth.
Cinderbay’s Fashion design course is constructed to meet that growing aspiration and provide up and coming designers with an educational launch pad that will enable them to take their ideas forward.
The courses not only aims at bettering students as designers but also help them understand subtle difference between fabrics, textures, and aide in the understanding of manufacturing technology, and industry requirements.
The curriculum teaches the fundamentals of designs through mixtures of modules that include lectures, A/V slides, practical, with emphasis on hands-on learning.
It enables the student to understand the global pulse of international fashion, yet retain an Indian essence. With help of well-known faculty, students will be given a chance to enhance their skills, and be guided towards making their mark in the world of fashion.

Five reasons to choose Cindrebay:

  • The Cindrebay advantage: Our institute CINDREBAY has been in the forefront of providing quality training and placement support in Interior Design courses in Kerala since 2007. Cindrebay from the very beginning itself  earned its reputation as the best coaching facility in Kerala because of the quality of training, competency of its instructors and the best infrastructural facilities it processed. Students from all the districts of Kerala have attended courses (degree and diploma) at Cindrebay. In 2009, we were the first institute to bring the University certified degree and diploma programs in Kerala. Most of the architects in Calicut suggest Cindrebay, when they are consulted by their friends/relatives/clients about choosing an institute for interior design course.
  • God’s own country: Kerala with its unique amalgamation of tradition and modernity is increasingly becoming a fashion destination. With a dynamic film industry, and a growing fashion conscious population, Kerala might just be the next fashion capital.
  • Network and bond: At Cindrebay students will get a chance to meet well known fashion designers, and models. Networking with them will ensure a smooth transition into the fashion industry for students.
  • Faculty and teaching modules: Our faculty includes those with prior experience in the fashion industry. Their works have been displayed at numerous shows across the globe, and interacting with our faculty will give a new perspective to aspiring students.
  • Hands on Learning experience: At Cindrebay we believe in the power of practical. Students will be encouraged to give a shape to their designs, and will also have their designs vetted by our highly discerning faculty. This will give them confidence to create, ideate, and articulate their designs in the best possible manner.



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