Elements of Bohemian fashion – revisiting Boho Chic


Tassels, dream catchers and that soft romantic look – yes we are gushing about the Bohemian fashion trend! The Coachella concerts would surely be a little less dramatic hadn’t it been for this gorgeous style. The Boho chic look is one of my favorite, as it’s easy to create, wearable, glamorous and so romantic. It is also appropriate for all occasions, be it a party or a wedding, a vacation or just a lazy day at the beach. However, the best thing about the Bohemian look, is that involves several elements and you can easily incorporate them in your everyday style if you are not looking to go all out bohemian in office or college. So, lets revisit some classics of Bohemian fashion to help sort your outfit of the day!

Color story

Soft earthy tones, neutral shades and lots of white – these are the staple choice to becoming a bohemian goddess. Beige, brown, off-white, peach and rose shades are also very popular in this trend. The key to creating a perfect Boho chic look is to start soft and build up the drama using various accessories. This means, the main outfit could be in lighter shades such as a white flowy dress, a simple beige top with bell bottom pants or the winter choice – a white sweater and printed woolen skirt. Lighter shades help in achieving that soft romantic look and allows the accessories to have a nice clean backdrop.

Pattern perfect

Moving on to patterns, which is undoubtedly the best part of bohemian fashion. The intricate lines and designs available in this style is guaranteed to take your breath away. Ikat, chikankari, floral prints are the most popular followed by trellis, paisley, tribal stripes and dots. Other bohemian patterns are lattice grid, flame-stitch, aboriginal. If worn with the right accessories, even a freehand polka dot dress falls in line with the Bohemian look. Other sought after features to rock this trend are tassels, pom poms, sequins and embroidery.

Favored fabrics

The Boho look is all about feeling comfortable and pretty. The choice of fabrics is key to experience calmness and good vibes. Much like the Boho décor and interior design, the fashion trend also inclines towards natural fabrics like cotton, linen, chiffon and silk. Breathable fabrics are suitable for beaches, tropical vacations and music concerts. Bohemian looks also favor denim, suede and leather – materials more preferred in designing accessories like headgear, shoes and bags.

Headgear hacks

Like mentioned before, you can dramatize this simple look with accessories. Usually the bohemian look comprises of simple high ponytails, loose buns and loosely tied braids. One can dress up these basic hairstyles using headgears and hair accessories. Fun and quirky motifs are most sought after. Think dream catchers, tassels, flower tiaras, pearl and studded bands, printed scarves, hair jewelry and the works. Also interesting are the styles one can wear these. There are several ways to tie a scarf – it could be around the bun, like a headband, like a bandana, a hair tie for the pony with loose ends, tied around the head in old Hollywood style or even knit with a braid.

Not just jewelry

Jewelry plays an important role in completing the Boho look. Chunky jewelry lovers, this trend is for you! Layer the white cotton dresses with statement necklaces, big silver earrings and pendants, chains and even multiple pieces on top of each other. The Boho accessories are all about mixing patterns and colors so multiple rings, studded earrings, bracelets, anklets and hair jewelry is encouraged! Tassels and fabric jewelry, pom pom earrings and dream catcher necklaces also look amazing. If you are trying the Bohemian look for the first time, you may want to start small. My suggestion – a multilayered silver necklace or choker, small chandelier earrings, metal (silver/gold) bracelets and lots of small delicate rings, studded with your favorite stones. Here’s some inspiration!

Boho Accessories

No look is complete without the right accessories. Elements like footwear and bags really finish the outfit and the Boho trend is no different. The same touches are applied in bags and shoes as the ones in clothes and jewelry. Straps, layers, tassels and strings, natural materials and warm earthy shades. As the look is more designed for tropical and beach climates, the footwear is open, breathable, comfy – think flat strappy sandles, slip on flats, suede bellies etc. Bags are also available in materials such as jute, rope, wicker, etc. embellished with shells, studs, mirrors, strings etc. Take a look for yourself!

Boho blunders

As this trend is made of a lot of different elements – there are chances that one could end up looking like a hot mess. To avoid major fashion faux pas, here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t go overboard with makeup – The boho look already has a lot of patterns and colors going on. Moreover, the look is designed keeping in mind warmer climates, easy going outfits. Avoid too much makeup or it can clash unevenly with the rest of the look.
  2. Keep it minimal for formal places – Not everything in your wardrobe needs to be on you – yes, the trend is fun and quirky but it doesn’t mean everything you own should be on display. Especially for more formal settings like workplace meetings, tone down the look. This means having two elements to champion the trend. Go with a white cotton lacy top, pants, shoes, bag and a silver necklace. Try Jeans and t shirt with strappy sandals and wicker bag.


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