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What is a Furniture & interior design course?

Furniture & interior design course is one of the most sought after courses in the Indian & global market for interior design. Designers with specialization in Furniture & interior courses possess deep expertise in the architectural composition of space & how the design of furniture elements fit in those.

Furniture & interior designers mainly work towards improving the relationship between space (indoor or outdoor spaces), objects (furniture), and people (whom they are designing for). 

Furniture & interior designers to work to comprehensively understand the niche demands of a diverse array of clients and contribute in projects that are heavily focused on the organization of architectural spaces, interior design, furniture design, & so on with a highly polished design-oriented approach. 

A Masters in Furniture & Interior design course also provides practical insights and knowledge about the actual working environment for professionals in this field.

From understanding client requirements, planning, creating & innovating new design modules – everything is a part of the pedagogy. This domain also includes restoring or refurbishing old furniture, not to mention identifying & reselling vintage furniture. 

Career opportunities in Furniture & interior design

With interior designing, furniture & interior design as a core specialization is catching up fast. This area of expertise mainly deals with defining the lifestyle & identity of a person or organization through the tenets of decor. 

Furniture & interior designers need to develop a strong foundation in the basics of designing spaces and finetune their creative thinking through theoretical and practical approaches to indoor space design. 

As the experience of a professional in this field expands, the spectrum & scope of work along with the salary also increases. The best career opportunities & job profiles associated with furniture and interior design are 

Furniture and Crafts Designer: Typically, a furniture & crafts design expert works towards building prototypes & models of furniture for large-scale manufacturing. They work on software tools such as CAD to build these furniture models. 

Product Designer: Working as product designer in the field of furniture & interior design means defining a furniture product through a host of specifications, digital drawings, & so on. This is done by first understanding the client’s requirements and then turning those requirements & insights into practical furniture product features. 

Architectural Technologist: These experts mainly work on developing architectural designs through tools like CAD, with a focus on interior space design. 

Textile Designer: Textile designers weave designs for knitted & woven fabrics. They also carry out research to understand the various kinds of dyes & compositions. Furniture & interior designers can specialize in doing textile design just for furniture & decor pieces. 

Lighting Designer: Lighting is an essential part of interior design. In-depth knowledge of how different types of lighting fixtures have an effect on the environment, what ambient lighting is for different scenarios – be it home, offices, airports, hospitals, etc – all of these come under the job description of a lighting designer. 

Visual Merchandisers: An interesting and upcoming field of specialization, visual merchandising deals with creating engaging & innovative visual designs for visual displays in commercial places that is aimed at attracting more customers. 

Exhibition Designer: Exhibition designers work on large scale projects, exhibitions and shows. The work is highly client-centric and varies a lot depending on the audience type.

What are the subjects in the Furniture & interior design course?

Undergraduate students in the field of furniture & interior design design study the following subjects

  • Design Overview
  • Problem Solving
  • History of Living Spaces
  • Stackable/Modular Furniture
  • Design of Outdoor space/Furniture
  • Green Design
  • Simple Furniture Design
  • Design of Multifunctional Space
  • Industrial Internship

Masters in furniture & interior design subjects include 

  • Theory of Interior Design
  • Interior Services 
  • Graphics 
  • Materials and Construction 
  • Creativity and Design Thinking
  • Interior Design Studio
  • Model Making 
  • Elements of Interior Design
  • Computer Applications in Design 
  • Materials and Construction
  • Theory of Furniture Design
  • Lighting and Color in Interiors
  • Materials and Processes
  • Form & Space
  • Furniture Construction and Detailing 

What are the upcoming technologies and trends in furniture & interior design?

Smart Technology– The advent of IoT (Internet of things) and connected devices have opened new vistas for interior design and how technology now merges with interior space design, along with furniture. Home assistants, smart TVs & other gadgets have sparked a new era for furniture & interior design professionals. It’s now more important than ever for designers to understand the tenets of smart technology & smart home design to create more effective and collaborative designs. 

Sustainable Design– Sustainability is no longer an option for us today. It’s critical to ensure our work & designs don’t adversely affect the environment. Moreover, the usage of eco-friendly materials is gaining large popularity in furniture & interior design. Bamboo remains one of the most sought after eco-friendly materials in current day & age. Designers in the furniture & interior domain have to understand this as a fundamental requirement for their work. 

Vintage-Identification, evaluation and appreciation of hidden or underrated vintage antiques is also an arena gaining high momentum. Even in creating new products and designs, many clients demand their finished products to have a unique vintage feel. This means, a good amount of research is required in this aspect too. 

Fiber Art– Textile design & fiber art are becoming more and more convergent with furniture & interior design as people are now discovering interesting and fabulous ways of decorating their personal & even office spaces with uniquely woven & intricate fabric patterns. There has been an increase in the demand for indigenous, local & traditional Indian fabrics in interior & furniture design. 

How can one study Furniture & interior design course?

Students with a creative bent of mind, those who have special liking and aptitude for art & decorating subjects are encouraged to take up this field. This field requires a lot of innovation & imagination. Not to mention, communication skills are a must in order to understand the client requirements in depth. It’s also important to have a working knowledge of CAD and other designing tools.

In order to pursue this line of study, one must have undergraduate degree in any one of the following disciplines: 

A Masters in Furniture & interior design will prepare you thoroughly for the rising demands of the market. Creating inspiring workspaces for improved user comfort is the key to making it big in the Furniture & interior design domain. 

Top Furniture & interior design employers 

Large to medium sized firms and companies that specialize in doing interiors and modular fit – outs for retail spaces, office spaces and hospitality set ups

Big brands in the retail and hospitality sectors that have in-house design teams

Small sized companies that specialise in offering modular kitchen and home décor works

E-commerce companies, often start ups that offer custom designed living spaces with furniture offerings to the home segment

Large sized office furniture and product companies

Boutique furniture design brands

Academics – Owing to the recognition of the field, plenty of reputed institutes are opening up departments or offering subjects, not to mention the new schools springing up in every city

Entrepreneurship – always a sought after and lucrative option for creative professionals to offer design solutions to individuals or organisations

Design expert and / or management profiles with e-commerce companies that offer total interior and furnishing solutions

Design consultant with large and traditional architecture/ interior/ product design firms or corporations

Independent practise is also an obvious attractive choice for those with the entrepreneurial bend

Research / PHD in design thinking, systems or trends, especially for aspiring educators

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