Living the Eco-Friendly way!


The human race, since time immemorial, has been in a persistent state of battle.  From fighting fearful, wild animals to waging war against one another, the fight for survival has been the only constant aspect in an ever-changing world. At the turn of this century, we started yet another battle; that against time running out. Increasing population and the proportional rise in consumption has put an irreversible strain on our ever depleting natural resources. This phenomenon has, and rightly so, forced us to put on our thinking caps and come up with an alternative form of lifestyle; a sustainable one.

A sustainable lifestyle encourages individuals to embrace an eco-friendly style of living that reflects in their home décor as well. Eco-friendly homes offer no less comfort and are kind on both our pockets and our resources.  Though nascent, sustainable designs have become an important chapter in the study of interior designing/decoration across the world, with many well-known designers urging their customers to embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle.  In simple terms, an eco-friendly home focuses on improving the air quality inside houses, and also reduces the usage of products (furniture, etc.) that have an adverse impact on the environment and also clog up the landfills.

So this summer, give your homes n eco-friendly makeover!

And we have pointers just to help you get started:

1)    Plants are your best friends: Don’t plants look lovely on your terrace, or lining up your walkway? Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are extremely beneficial when placed inside homes as well.  As we know, photosynthesis stops at night and plants release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. But plants like Orchids and succulents release oxygen at nights as well; giving you an endless supply of oxygen.

Plants are also extremely good air purifiers. Reports indicate that according to a study conducted by NASA, plants play an important role in cleansing the air off low levels of toxic chemicals.  Here are some plants that help in removing pollutants from your homes;  Peace lily, English Ivy, Chrysanthemums, among others. So ditch artificial fresheners and air purifiers, and fill your homes with plants instead.
2)    Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce: Introducing the three ‘R’s of sustainability! The Recycling mantra has taken over the world, and by incorporating recycling into your day-to-day activities, you will help reduce the strain on resources. Have many plastic bottles? Don’t throw them away, instead, get creative. Cut them into and use them as pen stands. Or, fill them with soil, add some seeds, water them, and you have your own flower pot ready! Use old spoons and fork to make key stands. Similarly, convert old belts into curtain holders.
Plan to buy new curtains? Reuse the old ones instead. Get them out, clean them, and dye, re-hem, or add new designs with stencils!
3)    Let there be light!: Make LED lights your new obsession!  A good light that is energy efficient will not only save you energy but will also prevent emissions of pollutants and greenhouses gases that can considerably damage your health.
4)    Bye toxic paints:  Admittedly most of us love the smell of fresh paint. Unfortunately, that nice smell is caused by VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. Exposure to VOCs can cause headaches, nausea, eye irritation, among others. And, long term exposure is also known to cause liver and kidney damage. Needless to say, the usage of such heavy chemical laden paints does no good to the environment either.
Instead, opt for low or Zero VOC paints that are now readily available in the market. It may not smell as good, but it will not adversely affect your health or be dangerous to the environment.
5)    Au Naturel:   
Forget plastic and iron furniture and embrace organic gear, instead. Use wood blocks, marble, and stone as table tops. Not only are they sustainable, they are also gorgeous to look at. Bamboo is an old favourite in the furniture market. Get a customized furniture for a cheap sum, and give your home a personal and eco-friendly touch.


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