Why Designers should Travel!


A lot of words like wanderlust, travel diaries, travel tales etc. have surfaced of late. Travelling has become the new it thing, which everyone must do! And why not? Going to a new place, not only teaches you about the culture, heritage and lifestyle of the place, but also basic survival skills, how to live in bare minimum, and street smartness. Making travelling your passion can prove extremely beneficial for designers! Want to know why? Let’s talk about why travelling is a must for every designer!


Need new ideas every day? Well, where do you draw inspiration from? When the entire world is counting on you to come up with novel concepts everyday, it becomes imperative to observe and draw inspiration from things around you, to travel the world and make everything around your muse! Be it the mountains and nature, or a 100 year old chapel in Europe, observation can translate into inspiration which you can then mold into your design.
Pro tip: Carry a journal, a polaroid camera or a sketchbook wherever you go, so that you can make notes and sketches of whatever you see, and you  can refer the same later.


No, not for dating, just for talking! I have personally found, that you meet the best people while travelling. Everyone is free of stress, free of daily tensions, and thus more open and lively. It is during travelling, that the best conversation ensue between a bunch of strangers and the best stories come out. Meeting new people and hearing their stories can expand your horizons and give you a new perspective to life. Every designer should make it a point to be friendly and approachable to spark dialogues between people.
Pro tip: Don’t reach for your phone, every time you are bored. Keeping your face fixed on the screen might result in you missing out on a lot of good talks and activities.


Have you experienced the amazing brainwaves that hit you every time you are alone and somewhere new? A designer makes his/her living on these brainwaves. And they are the most powerful when you go for a road trip, or a mountain trek or a swim in the river! Channelise your inner genius when you are on a trip and make the most of the thoughts your brain conjures.
Pro tip: Just going for a long drive alone with some music, can help you in a time of crisis, when you are pressed for ideas, try going out somewhere alone to clear your head, and you will find that ideas start striking when you least expect them!


Notice how sometimes when you are completely idle, you end making doodles, or humming a self made tune, or writing a small bit of poetry, or sketching an idyllic house? Your creative flair rises when you are free of deadlines, stress and other life’s problems.  However, when you are on vacation, there are no such issues, and you are free to ignite your creativity. Your brain functions better once it is rid of daily stress and deadlines and thus it can ideate better!
Pro tip: It is also a good idea to shrug all the negative people from your life, because listening to their problems all the time, might add to your own.


Off to Spain? Why not take a painting class while you are there? Visiting Morocco? Take a short cooking class! Make your holiday productive by seeking out small courses/classes while you are there, so that you come home with a new set of skills that you can add to your resume! Interacting with the locals also becomes easier if you are taking a class. Learning salsa, or street art, or a new recipe can be a real joy as well as a stress buster!
Pro tip: Try learning something that the country/place you are visiting is famous for. That way you can have a real memento from the trip, that you’ll carry life long.


A lot of countries/places out there need our help. There are a lot of ways you can volunteer in schools in Africa, or offer your services as a designer in places hit by natural calamities. Nepal, which was hit by a massive earthquake a few years ago, have tons of architects and designers, working full time to help get the country back up on its feet. This experience can prove to be an enlightening one and can help you learn a lot about sustainability, earthquake proof structures, and so much more. Likewise, there are many countries which can benefit from designers. Design cannot save the world, but it sure makes it look damn good!
Pro tip: Going to under developed countries and helping them out, can sometimes prove to be more fulfilling than going to an expensive country and making them more money.


Yes, it is true! The songs they sing about travelling is something you will surely relate to, once you pack your bags and set sail! You discover things about yourself, you never knew existed, travelling opens up a lot of emotions and dreams and is a good opportunity to meet yourself. It helps you recover from anger and stress and makes your problems seem trivial, giving you the ability to deal with them. For designers, it is important to explore their own personality and style to be able to churn out new art, paintings, graphics, interior design, architecture etc.
Pro tip: So pack your bags, chose your destination and go out there. The whole world is your play ground.


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