AURA 2018 – Celebrating “The Creative Vibe”


When the doodles in the mind receive a blank canvas to express itself, the joy is unbound and the creative mind is satisfied. As a design student it is important that along the curriculum there should be an opportunity to let go off your imaginative ideas and give them life. Cindrebay School of Design – Trivandrum hosts an art and design exhibition every year to induce the designers of tomorrow a space and platform to unearth their creative energies. Aura 2018 is one such initiative taking its success through the second year.

The Creative Vibe

The Art and Design exhibition culminates a years’ works of Interior and Fashion Design students in addition to other exhibits exclusively done and executed based on their ideas and innovations.  This year for the second edition, we went a tread ahead by propagating a unifying theme –  ” The Creative Vibe”. We are all aware of the theory that our cerebrum is divided into right and left hemispheres.  The right side of the brain houses the creative energies, talents and non-linear thinking while the left side controls logical functions. In this structured, linear world that we live in, we designers belong to the right side and we chose to celebrate that through “The Creative Vibe”.
This time, the students were encouraged to display their individual, exclusive talents apart from their collective works.  We initiated a system where in the students were divided to varied clubs assigned to each specific genre of talent a designer should seek to pursue. We had the Art Club, Furniture Design Club, DIY Crafts Club, Set & Exhibition Design Club, Graphic Design Club, Fashion Accessories Club, Garment Design Club and so on.
The work of an entire year was arranged along in the Design Studio with snippets of Impressions (seminar based on design concepts) and Palettes (seminar based on color schemes). A colorful DIY corner showcasing handiworks of the DIY Club members became a huge hit with the audience. Upcycled bottles, dream-catchers, tea-coasters, mirrors, photo- frames, wall-hangings, scented candles, stylized art-works were just a few among the best-sellers. The design studio also showcased the work of the Furniture Design Club with genuine pieces by the student members. There were ideas both up-cycled and made from scratch. Bohemian inspired chair and table set, a Trunk chair, a tyre pouf and a vegetable crate inspired coffee table were the showstoppers. The Art Club members decked up an entire room with mesmerizing works of art that won great reception. Some of our in-house artists won rave appreciation and were also able to make great sale of their masterpieces. The Art Club were also responsible in revamping the look and feel of the campus through inspiring mural wall-art all along open arena that was to be the stage for the exhibition. The Set and Exhibition Design Club members also worked in harmony to create interesting focal points all along the campus. A Vintage inspired photo-booth, the geometric wall art installation and the gallery wall of memories became instant sojourns for all.

The Fashion Saga

The fashion design students of Cindrebay School of Design – Trivandrum  put together a boutique like experience showcasing their collection of garments, accessories and other craft work. Their detailed study in types of fabrics, techniques of garment construction, surface embellishment and ornamentation were displayed all along through interesting art installations. Tasseled earrings, oxidized silver jewelry and pretty, petite ear studs made of polymer clay with meticulous detailing were hot sellers. Hand painted, embroidered, dyed garments also caught the eyes of avid fashionistas.

The Tern & AD360

Creating simulation experiences in design is a one-off experience that the students of Cindrebay School of Design – Trivandrum can boast off. Aura provides them with a platform to create real time design solutions based on a client brief, proposal and concept.
The Tern took its birth from the idea of a temporary haven for a lady dentist with a passion for bike – racing. A classroom space of around 380 sqft was converted into a cozy Studio Apartment that complied an Industrial Chic theme including an Open Kitchen against a faux brick wall, an island cook-top counter that doubles up as dining with high stools, a snug living area with a concept of different seating systems facing a TV unit such as an ottoman, a low arm chair and a rocking chair arranged randomly. A huge frame finished in metallic paint with colored cut mirror pieces as embellishment made for a juxtaposed partition into the private spaces in the apartment. A corner platform bed space with accent lighting and a wall portrait of the client hung at the head made for the personalized nook. A statement wall of emphasis was created by a nail and thread artwork of the world-map showcasing her love for travel with polaroid photographs of her memories pinned along. A KTM Duke 390 ride showcased at the entrance was another point of focus both for the apartment as well as the onlookers. A rider jacket, other biker accessories and travel souvenirs decked up the wall at the entry. Every aspect of the Tern was proposed, conceptualized and executed through the hands of the PG Diploma and Diploma students of Interior Design.
AD360 was an alcove proposed for an interior designer/ artist who is hugely inspired by the works and life of the renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The Bsc students of Interior Design performed a detailed research on the chosen architect and their execution was based on the proposal of a stimulating creative ambience for a designer to perform his works as well as engage in social interaction with clients. The curves that Zaha Hadid is known for inspired the students to take up a motif and create a composition with its multiplied use. The composition paved way for an interesting wall and ceiling feature. It even created a fascinating play of light and shadow with the help of a monochromatic color scheme.  The partition divides the public space from the work space that develops into a messy but creative bay for the designer to explore his artistic energies. The interesting add-ons to this space came in the form of the recreations of two iconic furniture pieces by the students themselves. The Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Reitweld and the Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson were the highlights to the exhibition audience.
The furniture, lighting, accessories, wall and ceiling decor along with the interior styling were hands -on works of the students themselves. Although it was a strenuous, time-bound exercise, the students had fun in learning to transform their sketches, mood boards, ideas and drawings into reality.
AD 360 _AJN6321
Aura 2018 started on a great note in the presence of Architect Maya Gomez, an artist by passion and Christy Tressa George; fashion designer and founder of Looms and Weaves. The audience on the first day were also enlightened by a design talk arranged to advocate the theme of the creative vibe.  Architect Maya Gomez gave a beautiful visual aided talk on art and its influence in design. The students, faculty and guests were equally illuminated to think of art as a part to design and not as a separate entity.
Aura 2018- The Creative Vibe was an anthology of works of different genres in design coming together under one roof. Cindrebay School of Design – Trivandrum  always brings forth a secular ideology in creativity and this time we were just following the words of the creative intellect;  Albert Einstein

  “Creativity is Contagious, Pass it on!”



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