Cindrebay students capture the various moods of Calicut


Alfred Stieglitz, the American photojournalist internationally recognized as the pioneer of modern photography had this to say about the art of taking pictures, “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
As young, up and coming Architecture and Design students, it becomes imperative to grasp that subtle reality hidden in everyday objects. Seeing the hidden, observing the almost unobservable and identifying the unseen is what makes an architect or a designer a cut above the rest.  Cindrebay School of Design is always on the quest to incorporate teaching mechanisms that encourages students to grasp that fleeting modicum of a distinctive feature; thereby making their work stand apart.
Keeping this mind, the Institute organised a photography competition titled ‘Freeze the Emotion’.  The competition held on October 18, required students to go out in the streets of Calicut and take pictures of everyday objects and people.  However, the caveat was that the picture should portray something different and unique. It should be able to communicate an emotion or a story of either the person or the object being shot. The competition saw an active participation of 15 students. The students were given an option to use either an SLR Camera or their smartphones in case a camera was not available.
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The competition was also organised to gauge how much of the theoretical knowledge gained by the students, that impresses upon them to look beyond the obvious, was employed during this task.
Also, the competition wanted to capitalise in on their innate talents like drawings, paintings, sketches, photography, videography, and use them to take memorable photos.
Thrilled at the opportunity to shoot elements and people that make up the city they love, students enthusiastically spent the whole day clicking pictures.  The pictures sent in by them   captured the myriad moods of the city; happiness, contemplation, playfulness, nostalgia, kindness among others. The pictures portrayed young children playing, enjoying their transitory young, and it also portrayed old men quietly reminiscing a youth long gone.
Every picture managed to touch a chord and tell a story.  The photographs by these young students managed to give viewers a chance to admire the many shades of the city the called Home.



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