picture3Eclecticism is a fairly new term to most of us. But unbeknown to the beautiful space seekers, we have all been treading this path since long. We have encountered eclecticism while doing up our homes and while attempting to mix and match furniture, furnishings, and accessories. We have unconsciously employed eclecticism when decorating our homes and not sticking to any specific style. Thus, this is not a new concept for many of us, but one that has been our friend all along.
Eclecticism is simply chaos at beauty. When no single design route is taken and multiple theories and insights are integrated into a concept, the result is an eclectic style. And, in that chaos, there is often a harmony created.
In all honesty, it is a gamble to play with many styles at the same time; you either win big or lose badly. However, this mix and match or eclecticism are slowly becoming the go-to mantra of designers. Below are a few pointers to make it a win-all situation while adopting an eclectic style to your homes;
Play with Patterns
Plan the patterns you want to introduce to your space. Don’t get carried away with many patterns. You can either opt for the ethnicity of ikat, bandhini or the Indian paisley or go with geometric prints such as chevron and trellis as a unit. These days, digital prints are heating up the design scene where one can get anything and everything printed on fabrics. The trend is refreshing and very personal. Try applying the same on different surfaces as well, such as through typography on walls and furniture.
Match hues to moods
picture6Identify the hues that you wish to introduce into your space. Following a particular colour scheme might not be easy, but understanding the level of warmth or pleasure certain colours give can help you reach a conclusion. Yellows, reds, and oranges produce warmth but you can break the monotony by introducing a neutral colour like off-white or gray. If blue tones are your to-go colour, keep bringing it back into your space through the use of blue-glass artifacts, fresh white flowers or a water feature.
Grab attention
When you have a lot to mix and match it is important to underline a focal point. Most homes have their living rooms with furniture pointing towards an entertainment unit. Here, the entertainment unit tends to become the natural focal point. Try and break that stereotype by accentuating a wall or corner with a brighter colour or accessories. Creating a gallery wall with memorabilia of photographs and collectibles will help also glamourize your home. Or go for a fancy tall floor lamp and see your guests be fascinated.
Balance the moves
picture4Try and find a balance among your furniture and furnishings. All linear, straight lines geometric shaped furniture will work together even if they are of different styles and textures. If you own a single piece of organic designed furniture such as the egg chair or a jhoola (swing), place it against your conventional furniture to create the sense of balance through asymmetry
Picture the layout
Mentally draw the picture of how you will place the furniture you have in hand. Don’t clutter the space with everything you have. Divide them into different zones. You can create two sitting areas within your living room if you have furniture that is distinctively different in style. You can also add them to your other rooms and create multiple uses to them.
Comfort and utility
picture2While you accentuate the space also consider the aspects of comfort and utility. Make space for your daily essentials even in your living room through storage boxes, book cases, stand-alone drawers, trays etc. Discard any piece of furniture that does not initiate comfort. If you attached to a piece then convert it into a display item, for eg: a single chair that doesn’t go with any of your furniture but you find it too hard to dispose of, give it a distressed look and use it as a corner display for books and other knick-knacks.
Eclecticism is a tricky style to adopt because there’s always a thin chance of getting it all wrong.
But for a transitional user who keeps changing homes now and then, it’s the perfect technique to bring in the touch of aesthetics without spending a fortune. All along, remember to break the stereotypes and throw in stuff like rugs, paintings, art objects and throw pillows to bring an informed mismatch into any room.


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