Tips And Organisation Tricks To Add To Your Kitchen Design

kitchen design

A kitchen design, no more how attractive, if left unorganised, will turn into a large space of chaos and clutter. Not only will this affect your mood when cooking, but will leave you and your food uninspired. To unlock the most out of this precious space, we have curated the most-used easy-to-clean hacks and organisation tips to include in your kitchen interior design.

1. Install functional decor

Due to the wooden utensils inherited from your grandmother or appliances you might have received as gifts, kitchens tend to get crowded. The best way to make the most out of these items is by storing them in well-designed wall cabinets. Adding functionality to your decor via trollies and cabinets will keep your beloved kitchen crockery and belongings easily accessible. This focus on functionality is the key to achieving an efficient kitchen interior design.

2. Dedicated refrigerator space

A wrongly placed refrigerator can make the kitchen look messy and crowded. This can be easily avoided by placing it in a safe corner. Fridges by nature are bulky and take up too much space. It is advisable to figure out your storage needs early on and accordingly purchase a machine of an appropriate size.

3. Customise your own cooking caddy

A cooking caddy is an easy-to-carry rack housing all your condiments and spices. Not only will this free up space on your countertop, but it will also store all your essential items like salts, oils and herbs at arm’s length. Apart from spices, you can use this rack to place your routine ingredients like flour, rice, etc., so that they are easy to reach when cooking.

4. Smart hacks for storing cleaning supplies

Handling cleaning supplies is a tricky task. Turn one of the cabinets into a handy space by attaching a short tension rod inside. In this manner, you can hang your cleaning supplies and slide in a paper towel roll, making it easier to access. Another innovative use of this organisation hack is to dry towels and rubber gloves on the rod.

5. Integrating appliances into your kitchen design

Smart devices like microwave, dishwasher or a wine fridge consume a lot of space. Integrating these into your kitchen design is a massive space-saving hack, especially if you have limited counter space. Additionally, installing a sink into the design will save space and spare you the mess while doing dishes.

6. Designing a spice rack

Kitchen storage can be chaotic and confusing, especially when storing spices like cumin, oregano, cinnamon, etc., in tiny containers. Bring order to this chaos by stacking them in a cupboard and coming up with an innovative labelling scheme. This will be a massive time-saver during rush hour. A new trend in achieving that tasteful spice rack is by organising them in uniform jars.

7. Include a display shelf

Add some aesthetic to your cabinets by utilising some space as a display shelf. This can act as extra storage while being able to show off your favourite dishes and crockery collection. Fixing the right lights to this space will highlight your collection better.

8. Jars on jars

Store your dry goods in the most effortless manner by organising them in fun jars. Not only this creates uniformity, but you will also be able to detect the location of your lentils, rice or oats quickly. Arrange your jars one on top of the other to create a chic and homely display. You can also plan a theme for your kitchen decor and accordingly buy the jars.

9. Pull-out chopping board

Pull-out solutions are the perfect companions for compact kitchens. Since the space available is limited, it allows for extra space on the counter while keeping it neat and clean. A pull-out cutting board is of great help while preparing food or to store cookbooks. Additionally, once you are done using it, you can simply slide the board back into the cabinet.

10. Rollout kitchen cabinets

Adding wheels to your kitchen cabinets might just be the next best thing in the decor industry. This helps in adding functionality and practicality to your kitchen. Rollout cabinets provide additional space for storage while making it easier to access necessary items.

11. File folders hack

Don’t limit the usage of your file folders to just papers and magazines by underestimating its utility for efficient organisation. Add this to put order to the clutter that builds in the kitchen cabinet under the sink. Another neat way to store your cleaning supplies is to divide them into these file folders, creating efficiency and uniformity.

12. Include a window plant perch in your kitchen design

Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh herbs right at your fingertips? Ideally, you could place a few pots on your kitchen countertop. If you have limited space, you can always install a wire shelf between the upper cabinets that borders your kitchen window. This way, your plants will get plenty of sunlight without blocking the view. It is also an easily accessible space to water your plants and snip those herbs when ready. Ensure to take appropriate measurements before installing the shelf and keep it high enough to not bump your head when working at the sink.

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