It’s time for kids’ room makeover


Designing for a kid’s room is a hard task. Cluttering the room with various toys brought by you or relatives and friends from across the globe is passe. Also, following the traditional colour division; blue for boys and pink for girls has lost its takers. It is time to go bold and gift your kid a room that gives wings to their imagination and accentuates their creativity.
01c13029c80165ac9a59428b3f95e403The Bohemian kid:
Kids unlike adults don’t have rules or don’t care for them. They are happy and carefree. They can be selfish and selfless, crazy and calm, moody and cheerful all at once. They love to express themselves, irrespective of what people think. So why not create a room that gives wings to that carefree spirit? A bohemian room is not one that is cluttered with myriad toys. Instead, it is a space that allows a kid to experiment with their ideas.
a1ef7b20bd9af88ad0a80437933026a3A tent made of cushions and a bed sheet or a big bed, and neutral colours, are ideal for such a room. Style the wall with small frames and a dream catcher. Now, complete this look with a treasure chest (an old, big wooden chest would do), for your kid to keep his precious toys or collections. The room provides enough space for comfort and experimentation.
The British flavour:  
There’s something absolutely delightful about British humour, accents, and of course the decor. Simple, elegant, and oh so classy, British décor is just like their weather; cold yet so beautiful. If you are a parent that loves elegance, then this type of room is just for you. Create a cozy room with a good, comfortable bed, white bed linen and curtains, and white carpet.
Now, break the monotony with British-inspired motifs. Try having the poster of the red telephone booth on the door, or have a wall paper with London’s iconic buildings; London Eye, London Bridge or Stonehenge. You will have a room that is unique with an international flavour.
ceb59b9e44b6b94c9736f2deee65aeb3The water baby:
If  ‘ahoy’, ‘surf’, ‘anchor’, ‘beach’, ‘sea’, ‘sand’ are  some of your favourite words, then this idea will definitely work for you. Gear up for a room that will make your kid believe they are living a sea-kissed life.
2e8cdd70fdaacd441e5c9be7fce3b2d6Fill the room with small boats, white and blue bed and bathroom linens, paint the drawers with figures of aquatic animals, and complete the look with an anchor shaped wallpaper.
58442f119853d226bf26eba3131afb45The dreamer and traveler:
Kids’ imagination operates at a different level compared to adults.  In their minds, they are already traveling, working on a scientific discovery, or being a warrior the world needs.  An imaginative child needs a room that gives wings to his imagination.
4d0cb3e970c6f09fbcf82ebce1fe1ddeOne of the most beautiful ways to do up such a room is to get world map wallpaper and use old suitcases as décor items. Also, cover the ceiling with stars, to give the sleeping under the stars illusion.
6f6b583441ea332cd8c36eec11350e5cThe KISS formula:
The Keep It Simple, Stupid formula is ideal for no-nonsense parents. This type of room is organized, and is not theme based. Minimalistic, it teaches kids how to keep their surroundings clean.
Now that you are armed with some ideas, go initiate that makeover for your kids’ rooms. We promise you they would be more than happy to finish their homework after seeing their rooms!
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