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Art Splash

An environment engulfed in color can create emotional effects such as strong psychological influence on individuals. It can be referred to as an important tool in guiding and induction of specific mental states to individuals and communities. Hence, colors are an important aspect of urban life and are known to be an international visual language understood by all, especially when trying to transmit something through Interior Designing.

With the objective of introducing, how to change the face of Urban Open Spaces in terms of colors and Murals, we at Cindrebay School Of Fashion and Interior Design organized a one day workshop ‘ Art Splash’ on Saturday, the 17 th of March,2018 from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm at the premises of our school in Kochi. The main partakers of the workshop included endeavoring individuals who craved an association with the world of art and design, architecture, Interior design, Fashion design along with working professionals who have a zest in art.

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The workshop was chaired by the proficient Ms. Kajal Deth (Visual Art Practitioner) – Former Team Leader Outreach at Kochi-Muziris Biennale. She is an alumni of BFA (Painting) RLV College, Tripunithura and has initiated Education Outreach Program named ‘Art Every Moment’. The itinerary embarked with introduction to colors, knowledge about the different types of rendering mediums, canvases and techniques. It included sessions of group discussions and concept development of mural art on public wall. The session further bequeathed the understanding of how to execute Mural Art.

Be it the backs of trucks, or the idle doodles by a 5 year old, or a revered painting by world renowned artists, everything is art. The design of a complex aeroplane and the abstract depiction of a social cause, both can equally be deemed as art. At Cindrebay Kochi, we motivate our students to form their own impressions about art, and never compartmentalize it to any one form. Students are free to discover what kind of art appeals to them, and pursue it to maximise their interest in the field.

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In an attempt to make a mark upon the city, Cindrebay students, and other guests who attended the workshop set out to literally paint the town (in all different colors!). The challenge was to convey thoughts, messages and stories through their artwork, and depict it in any form. Some college students chose graffittias a medium to express their feelings, whereas some chose simple painting techniques. A lot of creativity went into the making of these art pieces, which the city shall continue to see for a long time! Themes like “A tribute to Stephen Hawking”, “The adverse effects of social media”, “The #metoo movement” etc. were the main highlights.

Eventually, with the right inspiration and partaking, the program was extremely fun and  fulfilling. Everyone takes something back when Art is concerned. It is so deeply entangled in our lives, that it is impossible to overlook. Art is and will be one of the most important things Man has contributed to the world and it is our duty to cultivate this and secure this gift. The ‘Art Splash’ workshop truly paved the idea of how to incorporate one’s own personal style into happier living space.


A big thank you to all who attended and made it a smashing success!

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