Fashion at home – the Corona effect

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For the last few months, people around the globe are in lock-down owing to the deadly Corona virus pandemic. Yet, that hasn’t stopped us from igniting our creative genius everyday. Collectively, we have found new ways to work, to keep ourselves busy, to pursue our hobbies and passions and to keep the World running. There have been several changes in life and lifestyle including the fashion scene. As people are restricted to their homes, everyday fashion has undergone an enormous change. Fashionable or sustainable masks, easy and comfortable home wear, work from home outfits and light breezy indoor clothes are some of the trends born out of the Corona effect.


As people start to carry out their daily tasks at home, their outfit choices have been impacted massively. Sleeker and more formal silhouettes in neutral undertones which constituted as Office wear before the pandemic are now being replaced by more casual and comfortable options like informal shirts and jeans. Shirts, ties, blazers and formal shoes in case of men and dresses, shirts and skirts, blouses and heels/formal shoes in case of women are being tossed aside for more practical, home suited options like T-shirts, tops and trousers/palazzo pants.

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The way we interact with other people has been redefined with the onset of the Corona pandemic. Home weddings, zoom parties, online interactions and content generation hasn’t stopped. Checking up on friends and loved ones, conversations with colleagues or superiors, online classes and video calls have increased like never before. Thus, college fashion, casual outfits for a coffee with the gang, club dresses etc. are also being modified.

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A woman wearing white dress holding a board
A woman wearing coolers sitting on the floor


Home wear or casual lounge wear which consisted mostly of night clothes or over sized T-shirts and shorts or tank tops and pajamas are being replaced by more presentable and stylish versions. In the Instagram and Zoom age, when people are seeking human connections and social media validation, everyday fashion has also become an important topic. As people become more and more habituated to being at home, it will be a challenge for designers to accustom to newer fashion needs. Catering to fresh requirements of casual yet attractive clothes and couture suitable for all occasions is a task fashion designers need to be prepared for. Undergarments and masks are the categories which would require major brainstorming post Corona lock downs to fit the new world scenario.

A man wearing coolers looking outside the window
A woman with hat and holding book is looking through the window
Couples lying on the bed


Trips to the grocery stores which were detested before are now eagerly awaited. Unavoidable grocery/pharmacy/essential items runs which allow people to step out occasionally during the pandemic have become the new outlet to display fashion forwardness. Light and breezy clothing paired with a face mask, comfortable flats or sneakers, overalls, hats, linen are most people’s choice.

A woman in black dress walking with umbrella
A woman with sunglass and hat is wearing long shrug
A woman in white dress


With travelling time, outdoor parties, shopping trips, restaurant outings and many such activities reduced drastically, people have more time and energy to pursue their interests at home. Artists, content creators, home workouts, start-ups etc. are some of things which have spiked up during the lock down. Fashion for these activities may it be home gardening, painting, vlogging or client meetings have to be re-imagined. This is an interesting time to be a fashion designer or stylist as innovation in practical and relaxing fashion is a formidable task.

A woman wearing white dress sitting in bed
A man sitting in work desk looking the phone
A woman performing exercise

Fashion design is an artistic and stimulating profession which can be pursued from the comfort and flexibility of homes. The post Corona World will witness immense changes in people’s fashion and clothing choices. Fashion designers will be posed with this interesting yet daunting task. It will be amazing to see how people adjust and go back to normal and what habits they carry with them even after the pandemic. Will the tendency to opt for casual and comfy clothes last or will it experience another twist? Only time will tell.


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