Design is such a fun medium to express and create. Ideas take center stage in the form of spaces, facades, furniture and products. Functionality and aesthetic go hand in hand when it comes to usable art – statement pieces which trigger conversations. Art comes alive in the form of these exceptional chair designs from furniture designers. Let’s take a look at Furniture fashion from the most exceptional collections around the World.


The Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik was designed to encourage active seating in public spaces and offices. This 1.7 m tall chair defies the usual anthropometric standards so as to influence seating norms, define posture and lend a sculptural quality to outdoor spaces. The design is unique and interesting, two things which every designer must aim for.

Globe Garden Chair_Peter Opsvik_Retrieved from Ignant
Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik_PC. Peter Opsvik_Retrieved from Ignant


Balloons were coated with epoxy resin to achieve these Blowing stools by Seung Jin Yang. An amusing design concept which gathers eyeballs while also respecting the practicality of furniture. Simple, inexpensive and distinctive ideas converted well into pragmatic design.

blowing-stools-by-seung-jin-yang-Retrieved from Sohomod
Blowing Stools by Seung Jin Yang_Retrieved from Sohomod


The Lawless Chair by Evan Fay conveys style and pragmatism. The furniture is more a center piece, combining soft and hard elements like cushions and pipes, beautifully. Perfect for modern and eclectic settings, this chair was designed to stand out as a dominant ingredient in interior design.

Lawless Chair_Evan Fay_Aratani Fay_Retrieved from Ignant
Lawless Chair by Evan Fay_Studio Aratani Fay_Retrieved from Ignant


This is the special quality of design – ideas, characters and drawings coincide with real needs to achieve fantastic pieces. A very good example is the Monstera Deliciosa by Porky Hefer which allows the user to sit and relax in the mouth of a monster. Elements like these bring character to a space, elevating the design with a prowess of a story or anecdote. This overpowering chair demands attention by anyone in the room while also being one of the coolest spaces to loosen up.

Monstera Deliciosa_Hanging animal chairs_Cape town, South Africa_Porky Hefer_Design Miami 2015_Retrieved from boredpanda
Monstera Deliciosa by Porky Hefer – Hanging animal chairs_Cape town, South Africa_Design Miami 2015_Retrieved from BoredPanda


God is in the details and the Nopal Cactus Chair by Valentina Glez Wohlers is nothing but the personification of that very phrase. Each strip of this chair is carefully angled to suit the user with the edges ending in calculated points. The arc and support of this furniture piece is marvellous with the material accentuating its curves further.

Nopal Cactus Chair_Valentina Glez Wohlers_Retrieved from Digthisdesign
Nopal Cactus Chair by Valentina Glez Wohlers_Retrieved from Digthisdesign


Minimalist ideas don’t have to be necessarily plain or boring as proved by Jordi Ribaudí’s amazing Babu Chair. This complete leather seat climaxes in a sturdy leather back. An elegant low seater with two materials which becomes the definition of class.

The Babu Chair_Jordi Ribaudí_Retrieved from Contemporist
The Babu Chair by Jordi Ribaudí_Retrieved from Contemporist


Exploration of ideas and innovation with materials is what every designer should strive for much like Rubcn Retrain’s hanging structure seat. Made with cardboard rolls, they have truly managed to make the best out of waste. This two person seat is comfortable, charming and in simple ways conveys the message of up-cycling as the genius of design.

Trashboarding_Hanging structure_Rubcn Retrain_Faku Uzal Photography_Retrieved from Diariodesign
Trashboarding_Hanging structure by Rubcn Retrain_PC. Faku Uzal Photography_Retrieved from Diariodesign


Logs of wood are redefined as beach side seating remaining true to context and vernacular design. The sculptural leather seat would lend a contemporary touch to any interior space. The melting paint design in chairs and other pieces is an interesting design trend, one that requires extreme accuracy yet looks completely effortless.

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Experiments in design lead to innovative outcomes in the form of art, graphics, buildings, interior and furniture design. Fashionable furniture gets people talking and is high on the usable quality. This curated list of exceptional chairs might infuse new ideas in upcoming designers and students. For more fantastic ideas keep visiting Cindrebay Blog. Visit our Interior Design and Furniture Design pages for more detailed information on courses offered by Cindrebay School of Design.


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