“Every great Design begins with an even greater story.”

Stories are born from an inspiration that the designer either seeks for or stumbles over while brainstorming ideas. But again how the story merges seamlessly in a design is an integral lesson for any budding designer. When the world is challenging every designer to create stories that we haven’t heard of, there needs to be a streamlined approach to accessing a concept in design. In the light of this, “IMPRESSIONS” was an initiative to learn the play of concepts in design.

Students’ Works

An interpretation of ‘Time’ in Design

The students of Interior Design at Cindrebay, Trivandrum were exposed to the understanding of different types of concepts. How an inspiration is sought for? Is this inspiration directly implied in the design like an analogy? Can it be metaphorically portrayed? How to absorb the essence of an inspiration? All these questions and more were answered and the knowledge applied in the construction of their parti (meaning conceptual in French) -models  for different retail typologies.

A story come alive in Interiors


A strenuous session of understanding, seeking out and making the model led to a fruitful in-house seminar of student presentations branching out various ways to approach concepts in interior design. IMPRESSIONS – the concept design initiative of Cindrebay Trivandrum was held in the campus premises on 6th October, 2017.

Concepts is how you start looking at things around you differently. The success of a design is in the process of an idea transforming into the reality. Here, we shook off the reality for once and focused on the idea and the story it can travel in.

An idea built into a space.

A space from a story, or a story from a space??


Design isn’t all about the functionality and style. It also represents a metaphoric idea of a certain inspiration. A parti/schematic model is a figurative representation of an idea where the conceptual layout of an interior is alone explored. The PG Diploma/Diploma students materialized their retail themes into parti/schematic models with close understanding of analogy, metaphor and essence in concept design. They spoke of their reference to the scratch of an inspiration to the final essence they wanted to convey.

Here are a few snippets to the eventful session of exchange of some great ideas and quality workmanship.

Converting something intangible to something that can be accounted for in terms of a space, is a very taxing exercise. Our students indulged whole heartedly in the exercise and came up with some out of the world concepts and ideas.

A novel idea!

IMG_0782 IMG_0788


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